Multi-Unit Franchisee Magazine Issue III, 2017 - Page 75

Build a Better Future You have what it takes to be successful, and Big O Tires has the industry-leading knowledge and resources to help get you there. Enjoy the freedom of operating your business independently while leveraging the support, resources and established brand recognition of a multi- billion dollar network. • More than 50 years of experience in the automotive service industry • Proven business expertise and strategy designed to exceed customer needs • Premium buying power of hundreds of locations !"#$%&'()*+#$),)-+%'.)$%-.+%/.-$+#+0+)%&-%.11)*%.1%&%1*&-/"#$)2%3%1*&-/"#$)% RIIHULQJFDQEHPDGHE\XVRQO\LQDVWDWHLIZHDUH´UVWUHJLVWHUHGH[FOXGHG H[HPSWHGRURWKHUZLVHTXDOL´HGWRRIIHUIUDQFKLVHVLQWKDWVWDWHDQGRQO\LIZH SURYLGH\RXZLWKDQDSSURSULDWHIUDQFKLVHGLVFORVXUHGRFXPHQW%LJ27LUHV­ )UDQFKLVHVDUHQRWDYDLODEOHLQDOOVWDWHV‹%LJ27LUHV//&7%& :D\3DOP%HDFK*DUGHQV)/ 844-876-BIGO (2446) HOT Breakfast = HOT Opportunity AS SEEN ON: FULL-SERVICE BREAKFAST & LUNCH 9-HOUR OPERATING DAY: 6AM-3PM $2.1 MILLION AVERAGE AUV* STRONG SALES-TO-CAP RATIOS* FLEXIBLE REAL ESTATE OPTIONS END CAPS AND CONVERSION/SECOND GENERATION *2016 FDD, ITEM 19, AVERAGE OF ALL UNITS OPEN FULL CALENDAR YEAR 2015 FBwwr'&Vƶg&66R6ТSsCӓSS@22rS