Multi-Unit Franchisee Magazine Issue III, 2017 - Page 43

2017 MVP AWARDS PERSONAL Formative influences/events: I grew up on a farm—and also in the city of Chicago. My parents were sort of hippies who wanted to get out of the big city and live off the land, but they got divorced and I moved around a lot between homes and states, farms, and cities. My last three years of high school in Snohomish, Washington, was the longest, continuous period of time spent at any one school growing up. I went to college at the University of Washington on a scholarship for disadvantaged youth. I worked my way up from a dishwasher in high school to a line cook at a local restaurant. In my sophomore year in college, I got a summer job at a pie shop (The Pie Pantry) at the Seattle Center in 1986. It would be the last job interview I ever had. I worked my way through the management ranks and also got scholarship help from that 24-location multi-concept company (Or- ange Julius, Dairy Queen, A&W, Auntie Anne’s, as well as independent concepts like the Pie Pantry). I became a partner in 1993 and eventually bought the seven Auntie Anne’s franchises in 2001. Eleven days after the deal was closed the towers were hit in NYC and we went into a pretty deep reces- sion—but we made it! Key accomplishments: Started a social enter- prise business (Auntie Anne’s) with a nonprofit that works with people with disabilities. Income from that over the years has helped support their organi- zation. Recognized as a Medium Private Employer in the U.S. for hiring people with disabilities (1994) and won again in 2004 as a Small Private Employ- er for Washington state after I bought the Auntie Anne’s. Past chair of the Washington Restaurant As- sociation and current board member of the National Restaurant Association. Elected by my fellow Auntie Anne’s franchisees to be president of the Western Region of Auntie Anne’s franchise advisory council various times over the years. Opened my first Cinna- bon bakery in 2015. I also started a small mystery shopping business with my best friend in 1993 that is still in business today! Work week: Always with my phone/email. I do travel a lot, but Wi-Fi on the plane helps me keep current and productive. What are you reading? Game of Thrones (again). Best advice you ever got: Be tough on stan- dards, but easy on people. What’s your passion in business? Seeing people grow and either get promoted with us, or move on to their next phase in life. I love creat- ing places where people want to work and stay engaged, where they have fun and feel good about themselves. to pursue their passions, provided jobs to those with special needs, and enabled the company to feed and fund countless community projects and programs. Stewart didn’t have to look far for a corporate role model. Inspired by the giving spirit of Anne Beiler, who founded Auntie Anne’s with “caring for others in mind,” he created his own Dream Build- ers program to help fund the goals and aspirations of his team members. Every Dream Builders recipient has a story. The fund h 26fW&VBF6R6BЦVגGVFf"VVRv2pV&W"bW"6VvRF6RFVӲ@( &FPg&vF6VV'&FP7V66W76W2@6&Rf"F6Pv7GV&R( Цf"&f&RFV&RFW"v&W"FG&fV֗76FG&VBFW60vFE3B6fW&VBFRƖ6FfVW2f"gVFrF&fFRV&rG0FVVRv6VBBFW'v6Pff&BFVF2V"FR6vv&@6VvR66'62Fv&r7GVFVG0BVVVW2vFf6&G62FR&w&2gVFVB'6&fG2BfW'6VV'vVЦW&vW"627FWv'Bvw0f'7FBvB6VvV6VP&VƖWfW2SRGFVFVBFRVfW'6Gbv6wF66'6vfVFF6GfFvVBWF2vFFVF@7&F2f"6VvR( ĒvBFRVRvv&BאVFR^( 26&"66G6( 0F&6BFFBv2RbFP&W7B'2FWWfW"B( R62( '@bF2F27&VFrrЧ'GVFW2f"VRFfR66W72F"6WfR6WFrFWWfW"FVv@76&R( Х7FWv'N( 26G&'WF2fR&VVvV&V6VfVBvFFR6VFW2P6W'fW2Gvb2VFR^( 26F0&RvVB'FR66VFW'&6R&vЦ旦Fv6wFf6F6W'f6W0ue27FWv'BfW'6VW2FRW&F0BvVVBbFRue26F2v6FR&fG2&RW6VBFgVBFP&v旦F( 2֗76F&fFRVЦVB6W'f6W2f"VRvFF6&ƗFW27Bb26F2fR6VRFV"7Ffb&VfW'&VB'666W'f6PvV7266vfW2֖vBЦǒF&6RWf"W( 2VFPtTT@'W6W726&R6FfVǒVvvVBfB6WF2F6VvW2BRFffW&V6R7BW7FǒBWF6ǒff'2v2f7W0FRrFW&BFR6'BFW&vVVBWFB"7GSG'W7BW VR'WBfW&gvFW"77FV2&FRg&ЧvF6VV'&FR7V66W76W2B6&Rf"F6Rv7GV&RFR6&RbFRFWF2bW"VR6FW6FR6&RbFRFWF2bFRwVW7G2ऒF( B֖7&vR6vBv&rא6F&R'Bb6V^( 2ƖfRBFV vRƖf^( FW7B7V66W76gV'BbBw&VFW7B6VvSWffrFR'W6W70FVF2G֖2Wr&WFBvfW&VЧF&VwVF'Vf&VB&V6VFǒFW&֖FVBV6Rf"2זV"B6F6VGFR&V6W6R`7&V6vǒ'W&FV6RBVFV&R&VwVF0f"'W6W72ג6RआrFFW'2FW67&&RSg&VFǒWBЦvrF֗7F2BBRvrFR&RBf&RG&B&RЧFFg&VFǒFVV&W'2B6V7F&W2GG&7BVRvvBFv&g&VFǒ6VB'W77F&W2N( 2BW7BvB7W7FW 6W'f6R'WBBGG&7G2F6RVRvvBF&P'BbFBVWrVR2FR7B'F@Frf7W2B7F'G2FRf'7BFFR"vRVVBF&R&Vǒ&v旦VBBvWBFRW"Чv&WBbFRv'WBFVR7W&RFRWpVR&RvV6VBBfRgV&vBvvPvBFVFWW&V6R&Ɩr&WGVFV fW'f'7BF( FBFR&6FrF6W2g&ЧFW&RvRRvR6&R667FVBBfW&PvFFV"66VGVW2BvfR&f"FW&w&wFW"6gBVFW'2VFW'fWrWrЧƖ6G2B7WW'f6'266&R&W6W2f 6W2fBB&"6G&vRfR&WGVǖ72WfW'FW"V"7F&W26WFRvFGvbFR&W7Bg&V66FN( 2w&V@WfVBBv2f'v&BFBvR6fRG&V'VFW'2gVBvW&RW"VR6ǒf"gVG2FVFV6WfRG&V W'6vf6767F6R26f&Pg&F22vVvR&Rvfr66'62vFW"v&r7GVFVG2&66ǒvRfW7BW VRvFFV6VBVf&2F&VvG&r@'F6Fr66rWr&W2BvRG'F&R&W6W&6Rf"FVFfRFV"ƖfR6FfRvTDTBe$44TR22RR#pC