Multi-Unit Franchisee Magazine Issue III, 2017 - Page 35

2017 MVP AWARDS from within, and its customer service approach to make every employee’s and every customer’s day better. “People are proud to be Daymakers,” he says, referring to TA’s signature customer service program, launched more than 6 years ago. “We knew we were not treating our customers with the respect they deserved. We had shackles on our employees around policies and procedures they had to fol- low,” says Ponczoch, a 30-year industry veteran. “We realized we just needed to allow them to be real human beings with our customers to make them happy, smile, and feel at home. How can you be the best part of someone’s day? How do you go above and beyond for your guests and BOTTOM LINE Annual revenue: QSR, $180 million; FSR franchised, $10 million; FSR, $215 million; QSL, $37 million. 2017 goals: Stay above the industry average in the QSR and FSR space with franchised brands. Continue to strengthen our bench for continued leadership and company growth. Growth meter: How do you measure your growth? For 2017, open 16 locations. Vision meter: Where do you want to be in 5 years? 10 years? I expect the brand to continue to grow both in same site revenues and also unit count growth. I hope the organization will continue to have me be a part of the influence that makes this happen. There is no reason to slow down at this time. What are you doing to take care of your employees? Everyone has an opportunity for growth. We continue to see people strive and grow into leadership roles at the site level, district manag- er level, and director positions. None of this works without great leaders. With more than 12,000 employees in the food business, we do our best to give them opportunities for growth or be a stepping- stone for their next career. Our front-line employees make us great—not what I do or what others do in HQ. I only wish we could recognize every mo- ment they made it special for a guest. What kind of exit strategy do you have in place? I’m not planning on leaving anytime soon, but w VvWB&VGWV7BFW&Rv&RV&W"bFVFVBVFW'2גFVv6fFR6F( 7W&RvWfW"7FW2FF2&PvǒRB&WGFW"BVWBw&vr৖W"VVW3FRfbFR66W0BrVVW2FFFV vBFvB2&vB( ФFW"2rFVWǒ7FVBFR6( 27VGW&RB2&VrWЧFVBFV6RFR&6vFW&ǒVVW27662FPf7W2267FBF( &V6BFV6( ЦB&Vf&6RFRW76vRvFG&rfVVF&6BFfF7W7FW"fBЦV2FB6&RFR7BbFR&w&( vRG'FFV6W"VVW2F@WfW'R27F'ƖfR( R62( FWB&R6֖Ɩr"w&V@B'WBF( BRVFvVB&W@FVRF( BrvBFW&RvЦrF&VvvVVRVFW'7F@FBFW6R6VR6֖R( У#ret$E0VF'&Bw&wFVFW'6v&@vFRFRvW&R&V6v旦VBvFF2v&CW"FVFW27&VF&R"Цvr&RF#R'&G2V6'&B2VVRB2&WV&VBF&RW&FVBFFRvW7B7FF&BbFV 6vR6ǒfrFV"'VW2bWV7WFBFBFR&W7B6W'f6RvR6FFRwVW7BWW&V6RऒV"g&'&G267FFǒFBFWfRv&rvFW"VRBfRW"&fW76Ɨ6g&FPw&VBWआrfRR&6VBFR&"W"v6vF22&WBFRWfVbVFW'6vRfRFRFr7VGW&RvRfRBFR7W'BvRvfRW"6FvW'2WGffRW&6V@bW"VFVBvW'2fR&VVFWfVVBg&vFfR6VVWfW'WfVbVVRw&rFVFW'6&W2g&6W'fW'2F66W'2FF6v6W'2B62w&rFWfV2bvVVB6VFrv&RvFW2FFF&V7F"BF7G&7BvW"&W2FWrvBBFW2BFWRBVvVR6VRRזV"W276FRVVW2&VBR&RvBG2vBfF2fRR7&VFVBBW6VBF'VBW"6&V6W6R6`W"W&F2vR&RFRg&66VRvR&RBV6W76&ǒ6֖rWvFWrW&F&6VGW&W2'W@&RW&FrFR'&BFFRW7B&6VGW&W2BWFG2FR'&BF7FFW2vR7VBw&VBFV`FRWB&W6W&6W2V7W&rFBW"VFW'2fRF2vVFvRBFR7W'BFFB&vBvPFBFWfV( Fr( v6vRFV6BG&FǓvRFV6W"VFW'2F&R&Bv&&B@FV6VfW266VF&RV6W&vRFW'2VfRFV"6f'BR7VWFR7F&R76FRVfRVv76ǒWBN( 2vB7FWfR'26CBB&WGFW"&Rv'FN( GRF( BvWB66RFFFBFw2BWfW'RbFV6VB&RG'VǒW6VVB&V6W6RF22W"ƖfRBN( 2'&VbvPfR66VFFF2vFW"ƗfW26vR&WGFW"&RFvBBBvB6&RfVW2FRFVVBRvF2v&CFW&R2&W7V7Bf"FRGW7G'f"W"VVW2Bf"W"wVW7G2vVRfRF2fVRf"F&VRBrBFVBW"FV6Ч62R6BV'WB7V66VVBFRv&B2w&VBBvR&R&VBFfRB'WBvR&RWfV&VFW"`FRFW6G2bVVW2BVFW'2vVVBW27V66W76gVǒ'FW"vF6F'&G2@&W&W6VBFVvBf6आr'FB26VGffVVBFRBW"6W"6&R67WЧ'BVǒ2FR7B6&7FW"G'V6W'2gVBv6R֗762FVG'V6G&fW'2BFV"f֖ƖW2vfRf6VVG22&W7VBbVF6&&V2&WBF2vRrW"VFW'2BVVW2FPfVBF&RffVBvFFR66VFW2vW&RFWW&FRgVG&6rBbFR'&G2vRW&FP7W'G266627'BFV26G&VƖ6Rff6W'2f&VfvFW'2U4F֖ƗF'f֖ǒ766ЧFvVFVBv'&'2f֖ǒ7W'BfG2b"BW( 2VFR7FBfVFFvBVFW'6VƗFW2&R7B'FBFRBW"FVFVw&G767Ч&FVvW&VB66VF&ƗGB'GVGࠐTDTBe$44TR22RR#p3