Multi-Unit Franchisee Magazine Issue III, 2017 - Page 34

2017 MVP AWARDS “We don’t make people into leaders, but we influence people to do great things.” MANAGEMENT Business philosophy: Leadership is influence. No more, no less. We don’t make people into leaders, but we influence people to do great things. Everyone is a leader to someone, whether that is a friend, co-worker, employee, child, or anyone you come in contact with in life. How many times have you regret- ted not taking the time to speak to someone, giving your child a few minutes of your precious time, giving an employee your undivided attention (versus multi- tasking), or not saying a kind word to someone in the military you pass, or not calling mom every week? It’s leadership and you missed an opportunity to influ- ence someone with just a little moment of your time. Second, you are only as good as your weakest link. When you take a young manager or leader and you get them to think about this, the reaction is amazing. Then (if you and they are honest), if they want to be a better leader they will do something about it. And they typically do. Management method or style: Avoiding micro- managing at all cost. It’s not an environment that cre- ates a positive culture or allows others to grow. I get that it can be effective in some businesses, but it’s not my style. I want people to have responsibility and to be held accountable, but they must be able to make decisions on their own to grow. Mistakes made? Yes, you can count on it and should expect some, but let them grow and learn and develop. I expect people to work hard, but I also expect to reward them for success throughout the company. We are all in this together. Also, trust in others, trust in society. Don’t judge. You have no idea what a person has been through. We all have a story to tell. Greatest challenge: The rapidly changing envi- ronment with technology, employees, food trends, logistics, eating habits, leadership styles, changing strategies, changing designs, social media, and great effective leaders. Each of these, although uniquely dif- ferent challenges, is important and worked on every day in our organization. How do others describe you? I honestly don’t know. I hope and believe they would describe me as passionate about life, about business, about food, about people, and that I have professional integrity and am a trusted leader they can depend on. Always available to all levels if something is needed. Maybe, trustworthy of others and I always try to see the good in people. They may also say I need to relax a bit more. How do you hire and fire, train and re- tain? Hiring is the toughest. It’s a gut feel for me. It’s looking someone in the eyes to get a sense of who they are, and it’s hiring attitude over experience. It’s hiring drive over knowing it all. At the end of the day I love folks who are stronger and smarter in their jobs than I could be. Everyone talks about the Millen- nials and how different they are, and how they must have a purpose for working in a job. Millennials are the future; we just have to adapt some of our teach- ing habits to stay relevant and give them a reason and purpose to work for you. Training is never-ending and must happen every day. When we stop learning, we stop growing, and when we stop teaching we should find a career we can go get excited about again. Firing is not always tough. When you get to that point and have done everything in your power to give someone success and for whatever reason it does not fit, it should be no surprise to the individual you \H\[X]K[Hۛ[[\]]YY\[[\Y\]X^HY[]B[YH[HY[]\[[YYX][H[]8&\ۙx%[H\ۈHX[KؘXB[]Z[ˈY[H\H[\ݚ[HBH\ [H\H[\ݚ[ˈYK\[\BX\\H\و[\[\ˈ\ۙ\[H]BۙH]\][[H[[[HYܙH[B\H[KX[H[Y\[H\H[و[HB]܋TӐSܛX]]H[Y[\][Έܛ[\[HX[ۈو K [H]YYHHX]X[YH[ݚYYYH]^\Y[\[[H[Y[Y^HYHܙ]\]]YYBH[\ܝ[HوH[\H[[YN\ܚ\ۈ[^\[Z[HYX[[Z[H[Y\YYK[Y[[Yx%[\KY]YX[[ٝ[[Y\[[HYH[YHX[H]ۛ˜[\HX]\ˈHXHوYH\[و[Y]K][ܙHX]ۛX[]\˂[HYX[Y[܈YH[[[ۈ[B]\H^K܈]\][ˈ]XY\[[^K][[H[]HH\H[Y\[H\H\B\Y[\ۙ[H\H]]HX[\[Y\˜[\X\H\و]\Y^HYK]\YN]\X[ [[Y[H[]\][\[XۚXˈ[H\H\Y[[\Y x&]H[ݙY H[Y\[HX][\X[ۋ^H\[YHY[YHY\[\][^B[ݚ[\]]\Y^H\\YHYHB[ݚ[ܝ\H^ܝ[]K[Y[BH܈YOܙX]\[[ܙX]\ܝܛ[\ ^\܈^HY[[܈YBH\[HHYHوH\[]B[H^X][ۜۈXZ[[][]YJK̂BUSKUSUSTQHTQHRRK M’^HX\\Y[Έ\H[\YH\]܂H]H^\Y[Y۝[YYYX\[ݙ\^YX\ܛ[ZH]\[[]\܈][ZYYX\ˈ\X[KH]\ܛH[\H[[]\Y\[[H\\]H[]8&\B\\\[YܙY[Y[H\HY B\[\وH[ ]8&\H]\Y[H[™ܛˈ[X]\HH\HH[\܈[B[\YKH[\[[\ܝ[\[K]X[HXY\ܛ[\\[\š[\HH\H][ۜ[Y[X[XY\˂Y\ HYX\H]HX[Hۈ^HX[H^H˜Y[[\H[[ۜ[^HXY\B\\˂ܚYZΈ]8&\H\]\[\[\ˈ[\š]][^\HYZ•]\H[HXY[[\H[Y\\B]\[\[\][۸&\\]\[]\]KB[[[H[ۚ]܋[ܝXHXK\YXH[H]\ܚ\[Y\[\HX[%H^H]\HX[ܚY\\[\HYH\ܝ\Y[]B[H[Hܝ[]HH[ Y[Yܚ]H[\ܚ[]Y]\H[HH[[ [[\ܝو][\YH]\ܝ[]K][][]\YHXN[ ][X^\YH^HX[H[BZ[]\[\HYXK]8&\Y^X]H]\B^K][H\]\[\[]\\ۜ\B[H^H[\ \[YH\H\ܝ ]YXH[H[X]O۸&]Z]\\B܈]܈[H[Yܙ]] YH\YY]8&\[\\[ۈ[\[\[K\H\[[ܙH[XXH[]B[[[[Y\ۈXYH\[ۘ]H[ܛš[XY\\][ۜˈ܋Yܛ[[BXY\\][ۋ[\YZ[[H[ܙY BXH[]H][[YH^H\HYܝXB[]\[ۙH]\HHXY\]]\[ۙH[XZHHY\[H[\&H]\ˈHYH]]\H^K]]\YHXX[]\H^K]8&\Y\[[][[\[ܛ[H[Y][œXX[[[HYH]\[YܙH[\ۈ^Y\˜[\[\H]ZXK\[]H\[