Multi-Unit Franchisee Magazine Issue III, 2017 - Page 28

2017 MVP AWARDS “We gave out our “I Dough, I Dough” flavor on the steps of the Supreme Court to celebrate the marriage equality decision!” BOTTOM LINE Annual revenue: $3.9 million. 2017 goals: We are adding one more D.C. location in 2017 and are currently building out the shop. Happy to keep growing if the right location becomes available. Vision meter: Where do you want to be in 5 years? 10 years? I would say I am always looking for other opportunities, but I am cur- rently happy with my current holdings. What are you doing to take care of your employees? We are focused on the things that matter most to our employees and pick incentives and benefits that have real value to them. They include free food, freebies for friends, extra cash, and help with transportation costs. We are really on target! Staff retention is significantly higher than at similar outlets, which means less training and hiring. We offer many incentives, such as staff meals on the weekends. If you work the busiest, toughest schedules you get dinner and/or lunch Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Free cone coupons every paycheck for your friends. They don’t have to “steal” by giving products to friends and family, and we can keep track of what the staff is giving away—and they are empowered by being able to give free cone coupons to friends. Metro allowances each paycheck to help defray public transporta- tion costs. Hourly incentives for hitting target dollar hours each day based on hourly sales targets. We have tried many things to find the incentives that work! In the past we paid for a laundry service to collect laundry from workers at each location. Total cost to management was $12 per bag, per person, per week; great perk for young people, very little cost for management. This year we are experiment- ing with Uber to offer rides to employees who close the shops late and Metro trains have stopped running. Transportation in D.C. closes at 11 p.m. and our shops close as late as 2 a.m. Offering an Uber ride for those late weekend nights keeps the registers ringing at a very nominal cost. What kind of exit strategy do you have in place? Still under process and changes quite often. 26 MULTI-UNIT FRANCHISEE IS S UE III, 2017 nonprofits already selected, she says. “Ben & Jerry (the real guys) are keen on making profits, make no mistake,” she says. “But if we can make those profits while supporting worthwhile hard-work- ing groups in our market, all the better!” Morse’s franchisor has taken note of her business and marketing savvy. She previously earned the brand’s “Innova- tor of the Year Award” for introducing shop ideas such as a bubble machine at the front door, and whimsical outdoor seating in the shape of life-sized cows that, she says, “surprise and delight the customers.” Morse says while a solid marketing strategy and goodwill intentions are paramount, her staff is the critical piece in keeping focused on her organization’s goals. She makes a point to show every employee the numbers—every month— and educate them on what they mean. “You cannot talk and talk to your staff about COGS if they don’t know what that actually means and how they, personally, can affect those numbers,” she says. “They have to feel the value of their contributions to the team’s success and they have to be rewarded. Pay people what they are worth and keep bonuses real and attainable. Also, keep bonuses immediate. Nightly bonuses are much better received than those that are put on paychecks at the end ѡՅѕȻt)5͗é́ѡՍ́ȁх)́她Q́啅ȁȁ䰁 ) )ḛɹѡ́)ѡЁ́Ѽݽɬѡ]͡)ѽ ͥ́)ɹq]ɔٕɽՐ)ѡ́ȳt̸͡ͅqQ啕)Յ䁹єѡȁͥ́)́եєѡɽ՝ɽ̸]Ё)ͽѡɥЇt(܁5Y@]IL) չ)%ٽٕ)1݅͡ɐ)]䁑ԁѡԁݕɔɕ镐)ݥѠѡ́݅ɐ$ѡѡ )e)Ʌѥ䁡́Ʌ͕$Ѽ)ɥѡЁѥѼ䁵ɭЁɕ䁵)ɕ)!܁ٔԁɅ͕ѡȁ)ݸ=ٕȀ啅́$ٔɽՍ)ѕ́Ʌѥ́ѡЁݔٕ)ɔ ѡЁѡɅͽȁ͡Ёѕ)ݥ]ɔɕɽՐȁمѥ́)ѼЁѡȁѕɽ)ѡɽȁɅ͔ѕ)]Ёمѥ́ٔԁɕѕ)͕Ѽեȁ%مѥ)ٔՑݡͥ́Ѽѡ)ͥ͡Ѽɕєѕȁѽȁɥ)ͼͥЁمѥ́)啔ѥٔɽɅ̸)]ЁɔمՕ́ԁѡ)ԁݥѡ́݅ɐQ )é)ͽ䁽ɽ٥ɕЁɕх)݅ѡЁ́ѡݽɱѕȁ)!܁хЁ́չ䁥ٽٕ)ѼԁȁMٔ)]Ё͡Յѥ́ɔЁ)хЁѼԁȁѕIͥ)䰁͕ɕɕͥ܁хЁЁ́Ѽ)ѡɥЁѡQٕݡ́݅э)QЁ́ȁ́ݕ́ݽɬ