Multi-Unit Franchisee Magazine Issue III, 2017 - Page 26

2017 MVP AWARDS BY HELEN BOND Scoop It Forward Serving up ice cream and community involvement N ot only is Ben & Jerry’s franchi- see Karen Morse a veteran of serving up the brand’s mantra of peace, love, and ice cream, she strives to scoop it forward. Morse, honored with the 2017 MVP Community Involvement Leadership Award for her continuous community service and setting an example for oth- ers to follow, is an 18-year franchisee of Ben & Jerry’s, pioneers in the socially responsible business movement. Her on- [Yܝ\ܝH[][]B]\ܝ\][\\\و[ܜH\˂'H۸&]ۛ][B\^K8'H^\H\[ۋ ˋB\Y\]܋H][Y][YB[8&\X[]H܈[\Y\[Hܝ[ۈوYYۈ[][]H\ Bܝ]H][Y[وH8']ܝ\8'Hܘ[K[\Hܘ[K\[Y\]Y]ٙ\[Z\B[]\[\[\\H[YKBXH\]H܈]\HوZ\XH˜HHX\Y[وHYHXHܙX[H\K'HXZ[[و\\]BܙY]܈H\K8'H^\[ܜK'HH\]H]\HYBZ\[YX܋HX[YYXHBHHܘ[H]H\KBHY][[[Hۜٚ]Y][[[[\Y][˜[[\[X^[˸'B]ܝ\ݚYY[ܜKH ˈ]]K]H\]]]HYB[Y]\[[\ˈ\[Y\˜Y[[[][]Z\SQN\[[ܜBUNۙ\ٜ[\YBˈшSUΈZ[^H[ \x&\ M[]\[H]H QN MBSRSN\ۜ    M–QPTSSTSΈ NQPTSTSUSӎ NBUSKUSUSTQHTQHRRK M