Multi-Unit Franchisee Magazine Issue III, 2017 - Page 24

2017 MVP AWARDS “We run our company like a fighter squadron. Accountability and standards are paramount.” After graduating from the Naval Justice School with honors, he also served as squadron legal officer and was selected for an inter-service transfer to the Air Force, where he earned his F-16 Instruc- tor designation. Kelly says he has tried to take something away from every leader he came into contact with early in life, a habit that carried on into the military. Truly outstanding leaders, he says, put their people before themselves and tie everyone’s success to the overall success of the squadron. “Everyone knew their role, knew what was expected of them, and were rewarded for superior performance when they rose to that level,” says Kelly. He takes the same leadership approach with Planet Fitness to focus on cultivating leaders. “You have to develop your lead- ers on purpose,” he says. “If you aren’t deliberate in growing leaders within your organization then, once again, you are leaving the future strength and stability of your company to chance.” When it comes to the future growth of his company, Kelly is leaving nothing to chance. His plans include continued ex- pansion of the Planet Fitness brand in the U.S. and internationally, and the addition MANAGEMENT Business philosophy: The best decisions are made at the lowest level in an organization. Management method or style: Describe an extremely detailed future picture for your company, then get out of the way and let your talented people paint it for you. Provide small brushstroke corrections for them as they create the masterpiece for you (and themselves). Greatest challenge: Articulating to the organiza- tion where it is we want to be in 5 years, and keep- ing them focused on that lighthouse. How do others describe you? Having an almost pathological aversion to dysfunction. How do you hire and fire, train and re- tain? Hire who you think is the best at the time, let them learn and then lead. If you need to fire them, you’ve most likely failed them, not the other way around. Retain your people by giving them the runway required to fly, and then tie their success to your success. 22 MULTI-UNIT FRANCHISEE IS S UE III, 2017 of two complementary franchise brands, The Joint and Modern Acupuncture. In May, he signed a regional development agreement with The Joint, a fast-growing chiropractic franchise, to help develop up to 20 new clinics in Washington. “My new partners and I are very ex- cited about these two concepts, and plan on opening them in adjoining spaces whenever possible, as we see tremendous synergies in these exciting brands,” he says. “Keep an eye out, as I think both will be incredible success stories.” Kelly says he is honored to receive the MVP award and hopes his story will encourage fellow franchisees to consider hiring veterans as a smart investment. “I hope most multi-unit franchisees recog- nize these skills in our veterans who may be applying for positions inside their or- ganizations,” says Kelly. “Consider hiring a veteran. I can pretty much guarantee you won’t regret it.” BOTTOM LINE Annual revenue: $34 million. 2017 goals: Open five more stores in the U.S. and one in Mexico. Growth meter: How do you measure your growth? Home-grown leaders who now have an equi хݡѕٕȁݔɔ)ѡѥ)Yͥѕ]ɔԁ݅ЁѼ)ԁ啅啅%ԁ啅̰ѽɕ́)ѡTL5᥍ݥѠѡȀѡՕՔ)%啅̰٥ɽͱեᕍѥ)ѡЁչѥ́ѡЁݥ٥хɕ͕)ѡ̸͕ٕ)]ЁɔԁѼхɔ)啕Q她Ѽٔ́䁱͡)ͥѥ́مȁѡ́ݔɽ܁͔)%ӊéɡ́ȁЁ]ٔд)хɕѽȁɅٕа))5եɔݡ͔ɥ䁑䁥́Ѽѥ䰁Ʌ)եȁݸѼ)͡ɽ̸=ѡЁɽѡ䁥ѕ)܁ݡЁ́ѕQЁɔхаݡ)ݡɔѡȁЁͥ͡ѥɕ̸ͥ)Q䁅ɔ͕݅́)]ЁЁɅѕ䁑ԁٔ)Ѡȁ` %QȰݡٕ)́и(܁5Y@]IL)YѕɅ)ɕɕ͡)݅ɐ)]䁑ԁѡԁݕɔɕ镐)ݥѠѡ́݅ɐ$ѡѕѹ))!܁ٔԁɅ͕ѡȁ)ݸ]ѼեՈѕ)ѡѡЁɔхѱ她Ѽɕ)ȁɅѥ̸]݅́͡ɔݡЁݗeٔ)ɹݥѠѡѡȁɅ̸͕%ѡЁ݅䰁$)ѡݔٔɥѕͥѱѼѡA)ѹ́䁽ٕɅ)]Ёمѥ́ٔԁɕѕ)͕Ѽեȁ]ո)䁱ѕȁՅɽ́ɕձаѡɔ)ɔͥ́ȁɝѥٕ䁅ɕ)ɕͥ䁅ɽ́ȁ䁡́ɽȁ)ͽѕݥѠиչх䁅хɑ́ɔ)Ʌչи)]ЁɔمՕ́ԁѡ)ԁݥѡ́݅ɐ݅́Ёȁ̴)х̰ѡЁٕ役܁܁ԁɔ)Ѽȁ٥ȁѼɕٕЁѡЁх)ɽ ɕѥѡ́ձɔ́ɥѥ)ٕȁݥѼ͔)͡ե́́չѥ)Ёٕ́ȁ丁%ӊéЁЁݡ)ɥаӊéЁݡӊéɥЄ)!܁хЁ́չ䁥ٽٕ)ѼԁȁAЁȃqɔ)ɗt́݅́Ѽɹ+qͥȁɍѥtɽѡݔ)݅ѕѼ͕ѡ͔ͥȁɝѥ)́ɕѕɽ̰ɥѥȁ)ѡչ丁ٕ䁍Ոݔ́)ɕѥ͡ݥѠѡչѡЁɥٕ́Ѽ)͕ѡ́݅丁]ɥɥ䰁չ)Ոٕ́Ѽѕȁѡ́ɕхѥ%ӊé)ɍЁո)]Ё͡Յѥ́ɔЁ)хЁѼԁȁѕ!)ѕɥ䰁ȁչѥչх䰁)䁕ᅵQѼͅ䰁Ѽ)Ё́Ʌȁձɔ%Ё)ЁͥѼѡձɔɝ)ѥЁͻeЁхЁЁѡͻe)Ʌѕɽѡѽݸ