Multi-Unit Franchisee Magazine Issue III, 2017 - Page 18

2017 MVP AWARDS construction; she is in charge of opera- tions and the day-to-day business. Two of their adult sons are involved in opera- tions, with room for more, he says. “We call ourselves the Fetter Empire.” As a result, for the first time after mul- tiple entreprenurial ventures, Fetter has no exit strategy planned. He credits the support of his family and franchisor for the staying power. “It truly feels like Buffalo Wings & Rings is a family affair—with our family, corporate leadership, and our team,” he says. “They are always willing to listen and are responsive.” With two additional BW&R units in the works, he strategically targets territory to keep the businesses close operation- ally and the family closer, including his employees. “We love our people,” says Fetter. “When they are at work, they feel as though they are working with us, not for us. And that is a huge difference.” The Fetters also practice what they