Multi-Unit Franchisee Magazine Issue III, 2017 - Page 14

2017 MVP AWARDS MANAGEMENT Management method or style: The team, the team, the team! I boldly lead by example. I like to lead from the front. We all have to continue to move up or out. Greatest challenge: Complacency. There is no time for it. Good is the enemy of great. Good is not good enough. How do others describe you? That’s a great question. I honestly do not know. Hopefully they say I am well-rounded, intelligent, and that I genuinely care. How do you hire and fire, train, and re- tain? Human capital is the most important asset to any non-IP based business. I let my managers and regional managers hire their staff. They are the ones who have to work with them on a daily basis. They are also responsible for training their staff. KPIs are attached to the performance of our locations. Managers are graded and earn bonuses based on their monthly KPIs. As mentioned earlier, I do get to train some of the staff. They go through a very intense 40-hour training, which I lead. It is an audition process. Even though they complete the certification training, there has to be a personality fit with their working team. When prospects see the value and commitment put into the integrity of the brand, as well as the high level of proficiency from the team, they are immediately excited to be a part of it—or intimidated and decide it’s not their true passion. As far as firing goes, we always give the employee an opportunity to up their game and meet our standards. Action plans are typically 2 weeks to 30 days in duration to meet the minimum criteria in our evaluation process. It’s pretty black- and-white. Evaluation scores, along with completion of the action plan, will dictate employment status. Behavioral infractions are a different beast. While written warnings do get issued, some infractions call for immediate termination. 12 MULTI-UNIT FRANCHISEE IS S UE III, 2017 2017 MVP AWARDS Pro Athlete Influencer Award Why do you think you were recognized with this award? I believe I was selected because of precise execution of my post-NFL goals. In 2010, I started my MBA. I completed it in 2013 and retired from the Baltimore Ravens after winning the Super Bowl. I also signed my Orangetheory Fitness contract that year. In 2017, we have 18 open stores and are just about halfway through our projected business model. I suppose the bar is not too high for former professional athletes in business. I have looked up to guys like Ronnie Lott and Joe Montana for years. There are a bunch of former and current younger athletes out there disrupting the business norm as well. Israel Idonije, Gary Brackett, Drew Brees, and Ryan Nece, to name a few, are doing just that. How have you raised the bar in your own company? Just as in the NFL, my job was to be an excellent football player, and to also protect the shield. My job now is exactly the same. Be an amazing opera- tor and disrupt my corporate big brother. There is a reason why we have the highest-grossing studio of all time, and 6 of the top 30 performers in the company from my regions. We have a commitment to excellence and continue to set the excellence bar higher and higher. What innovations have you created and used to build your company? I would have to say the blueprint is there for us within the FDD. We have done a particularly good job of not watering down the product. In my experience, I have learned that revenue is tied in to studio usage. The more people work out, the more revenue is going to hit. We have come up with fun ways to pack the studio. With the additional utilization, we have had to be strategic in how we usher members in and out of the studio. We came up with some unique solutions that are now implemented n ۛH[[و\ NY[][\[H][ۈ\[ ]ܙH[Y\[H[[Y[H[\]\]\]\ۛۈ܈ H\[B[Y]H[ۜ[\\[\XX\ˈ]8&\[\ܝ[]][HYXۙH\ۋX^XH]8&\[\\\KH\HH[]][H[\XHZYܚ \\]8&\[\\Y[X\][X[BH[[\X\[][]K]K[][ۋ[[X][K\Z[X[]H[ۜ[\\[\[\BH[Kx&[H\H]X H[H\H[\X\X[H]\]X[[]\\HXH[]\Z[] \H\HHو\[\\]H[&]HH\وX]\HH[&]HXHY\]Y ۈH\[ \H\H[Hو\[Y\]\HY[[H]^HܙH[Y\]B[H\H]H[\X][ۈ] [\ܝ[\[][]H[[Y[[H[[\\[OH\H[^\[œY][[H[][]KH]H\\Y][[]HܝY\]Hܝ]]\]HHXB^H[\]K\H\[Kܘ[][ܞH]\Z\Y[[ Z[[ۈ܈]YYx&\]Y\[Y][S\X\ HX[HYH\]H]ڙX[[ H\]H][]\YX[HYYKB[[[X[[\X\Y\]H[ؙ\H\\ۈ[ۋH][ۘ]H\]Z\Y[›[Yˈ]]H[][]HH\H\\[]]\\]Z\Y[[YHو[K]XY\\]X[]Y\\H[[\ܝ[[H[[\X[O^H][HYX[[YX[][H^K]8&\[X] &\Έ[][X]Kܚ]\]YK[ۙܘ][]KHZHZ[\Y\][[HYY[HXZHYH[\ˈH[\X[H[]]^HX[H[[[[X]]Hܚ]\]YH[HZYKH[]H\XY\\X[H\\[ [ۙ][][X][ۈ[XY\\[H]HHXHܙX\[]H\H۝\][ۜZXYوH\KH[^\H˜YHYX\\XHY]X\Y&\\ܛX[HH[ܛX][ۈY\H[ؚX]HY]