Multi-Unit Franchisee Magazine Issue II, 2017 - Page 38

U N D E R BY DEBBIE SELINSKY Thriving at 28 C Hard work and long hours pay off for Chelsea Segura helsea Segura signed her fi rst franchise agreement with The Little Gym two months before she graduated from Louisiana State University with a degree in kinesiol- ogy. At the insistence of her hard-working, entrepreneurial parents, she’d worked dur- ing high school and throughout college. In 2010, Segura successfully launched her fi rst business on her home turf in La- fayette, La., with her parents as partners. Five years later, she opened a second loca- tion, The Little Gym of the Northshore, in Covington, La., just above Lake Pont- chartrain. In addition to expanding her business, her goal was to offer her loyal employees the opportunity to move up. Segura, who is getting married in May, recently joined her brand’s Executive Ad- visory Committee. She also participates in The Little Gym’s charitable Big Hearts board and sits on the Reunion Committee. She may often be the youngest seated at the table at executive meetings, but the energetic, hard-working 28-year-old with the “service heart” has no doubt that be- ing a franchisee can be the perfect career for young entrepreneurs willing to work hard and put in the time. She’s also cer- tain that younger franchisees can bring a lot to the table, especially when it comes to leveraging social media to grow and expand the business. “I work a lot with potential franchisees for The Little Gym, and I meet young fran- chisees who really have it together,” she says. “They also recognize that, through franchising, they don’t have to reinvent the wheel. So much has been done that makes our lives easier.” But that doesn’t mean franchisees for The Little Gym can’t be creative, she adds. “What I love about The Little Gym is that they have recommendations and they have guidelines. You can put your own spin on certain things, but not on others, for good reason. That trial and error is why I trust them.” Segura, who was introduced to The Little Gym when she took a part-time job there in college, says she actually fell into her perfect career. And, in an indus- try not always quick to use technology, she credits social media for much of her company’s success. “Social media is really fabulous for our business, especially with the reviews and NAME: Chelsea Segura TITLE: Co-owner COMPANY: Segura’s Prosperity Investments NO. OF UNITS: The Little Gym, 2 AGE: 28 FAMILY: Fiancé Tren LeBlanc; parents and business partners Ronald and Tina Segura; brother and sister-in-law Tyler and Lauren Segura YEARS IN FRANCHISING: 7 YEARS IN CURRENT POSITION: 7 36 MULTI-UNIT FRANCHISEE I SS UE II , 2 01 7