Multi-Unit Franchisee Magazine Issue II, 2017 - Page 34

AT H L E T E S I N F R A N C H I S I N G PERSONAL First job: My very first job was in a chicken processing location in the East End of Louisville. Formative influences/events: Growing up as an adopted child, raised by an elderly woman who had one leg and could not read or write. The communi- ties I lived in influenced me with survival instincts. Coaches, teachers, ministers, and community centers were my early mentors. Key accomplishments: There are so many things that I am thankful to have accomplished, it would take a book to describe them. Graduating from college and receiving so many honors while there, as well as honors after graduating, has probably been the highlight. My professional life as an athlete and business person comes very close. Last, having a wonderful family tops it off. The Almighty has blessed me more than I deserve. Biggest current challenge: We are developing three different airports with 20 different restaurants, along with closing down and remodeling 9 locations over a one-and-a-half-year period. Next big goal: Continue to grow and transition our business to my son and his leadership team. First turning point in your career: We lost our very first KFC restaurant in a fire. We were able to rebuild on site and double the business. Best business decision: Choosing a great location for my first KFC restau- rant. Hardest lesson learned: When purchasing a business and not replacing the leadership team for purposes of building in my personal philosophy. We lost brand was searching for a training director. This was Tinsley’s entrée into franchising— and how he met and worked with Sand- ers, who had retired but was still working with the brand in a public relations role. “I got the fever for the restaurant busi- ness right then and there,” says Tinsley, this business in 2 years. Work week: 6 days. Exercise/workout: 5 days a week, minimum. Best advice you ever got: Work hard and trust your instincts to go along with your professional training. What’s your passion in business? I am passionate about my employ- ees and my guests. They go hand and hand. I am also very respectful and obligated to the communities we do business in. How do you balance life and work? This is extremely hard, because I love what I do and I love my family. Guilty pleasure: Taking work home. Favorite book: The book of life, where I build a new chapter every year about “Turning Obstacles 2 Opportunities.” Favorite movie: I like action suspense movies. No favorites here. What do most people not know about you? That I love challenges. Pet peeve: I hate negativity. What did you want to be when you grew up? A motivational speaker. Last vacation: Australia. Person I’d most like to have lunch with: Former President Obama. who went on to spend 8 years as a KFC executive before switching sides and be- coming a franchisee. In 1984, he and his wife Seretha opened their first KFC in Auburndale, Fla., then a second in 1986 in nearby Haines City, and have excelled as franchisees ever since. Since then he has grown his portfo- lio beyond KFC to include additional brands. The Tinsley Family of companies now operates more than 60 units at street and airport locations that are anchored by Chili’s, Wendy’s, KFC, Pei Wei, P.F. Chang’s, Shula’s Bar & Grill, Cigar City MANAGEMENT Business philosophy: Lead by example of excellence and don’t look back over your shoulder. Management method or style: Open communications. Greatest challenge: Life is full of challenges that I always attempt to turn into opportunities. How do others describe you? Leader, positive motivator, and inspira- tional. One thing I’m looking to do better: Learn from previous mistakes. How I give my team room to innovate and experiment: Always welcome their input, even when I know the answer or where I want to go with the problem. 32 What I need from vendors: Top-quality service and timely delivery. Have you changed your marketing strategy in response to the economy? How? Externally, led by the brand. Internally, we blend national and local advertising with belief in the focus of the marketing theme. How is social media affecting your business? Social media has been a tremendous help with getting positive messages and experiences out of a loyal base. It’s less expensive than traditional marketing when you need to get something out quickly and specific to your group. How do you hire and fire? We hire and you fire yourself. We have great tenure for our employees, therefore turnover is very low in most cases. How do you train and retain? We use the old school four-step method with new wrinkles added to the follow-through. How close are you to operations? Very close, with hands-on relation- ships. How do you deal with problem employees? They usually eliminate themselves. What are the two most important things you rely on from your franchisor? Resources and leadership with the brand excellence. Fastest way into my doghouse: Disrespect and poor attitude. Rudeness to guests and to teammates at work. MULTI-UNIT FRANCHISEE I SS UE II , 2 01 7