Multi-Unit Franchisee Magazine 2013 Buyer's Guide - Page 15

AgENdA AT A GLANCE ThUrSday, March 28 | Main Conference 8:30aM to 9:15aM cOnTinEnTal BrEakfaST 9:15aM to 11:15aM GEnEral SESSiOn: franchising cares industry Trends - Darrell Johnson, president, FRaNdata Keynote: 11:30aM to 12:10pM Endeavour to Succeed - Captain Mark Kelly, Commander of Space Shuttle Endeavour’s Final Mission 2013 Awards cOncUrrEnT BUSinESS SOlUTiOn rOUndTaBlES: technologies that Drive Profitability Customer Building and Retention Human Resources accelerating the process of New Store openings 12:15pM to 2:00pM lUnch in ExhiBiT hall 2:15pM to 3:15pM GEnEral SESSiOn: leadership panel - Driving franchisee & system Profitability with Private Equity 3:30pM to 4:30pM cOncUrrEnT BrEakOUT SESSiOnS: Financial Dynamics and Valuation trends for the Franchise Industry 4:30pM to 5:30pM Expensive pitfalls to avoid when Negotiating New Leases or Renegotiating Existing ones RoI Growth Strategies for Integrating additionalBrands Franchisee associations and advisory Councils that Drive System Profitability cOncUrrEnT BUSinESS SOlUTiOn caSE STUdiES: Increasing Local Store Sales: (Delivering marketing and customer service on steroids) 5:30pM to 8:30pM Driving Profitability through Cost Controls Financing Franchisee Growth through private Equity andother Capital Sources Profit Mastery: Focus on Unit Profitability and performance the 10 Commandments of top performing Managers cOckTail rEcEpTiOn in ExpO hall friday, March 29 | Main Conference 9:00aM to 11:00aM clOSinG SESSiOn: Great Brands + Great Franchise Partners = Franchise Partner Profitability Russ Umphenour, CEO, Focus Brands | March 27-29, 2013 | Las Vegas