MudRunFun Magazine Sept. 2013 - Page 3

writers Haidar Hachem OCR Athlete South East Region Jazmine Trombley Whats inside this issue? “MRF Superstar” Haidar Hachem....................... pg 1 Get Social - Group Links Mud Run 3 OCR Kids Ambassador South East Region “I’m the Mudrunfun daughter!” Jazmine 13 Holly Berkey “Mud Endeavor - A night under the lights” Holly 17 Blogger / Writer / Athlete Roger D. Smith, PhD. OCR Athlete Prolific Author Nabilah Fountain NASM Certified Trainer Nutrition Coach Eduardo Gonzalez OCR Athlete South East Region Jay Tea Team Founder Azn Armour “The Mud Run Blueprint For Fitness” Roger D. Smith, 21 “Skinny made simple: Five Easy Ways to Eating Your Way Slim” Nabilah 25 “The 10 Obstacle Runner Commandments for Knee Surgery Rehab” Eduardo 27 The Main Event - FL ROC ? FL 31 ? Race Map Mud Run 35 Joe Rivera Team Spotlight - Azn Armour Jay 37 OCR Athlete MRF Elite Athlete Spotlight Joe 39