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• Saliva contains testosterone, which increases sexual arousal. • Researchers believe that a man can subconsciously measure estrogen levels, increasing his sexual desire. • The body’s Autonomic Nervous System, the system that controls sexual response, is heightened by a kiss. This system is not controlled by your mental faculties, but by your physical experiences. Desire can begin to control you whether or not you would chose for it to. In our family, we opened the conversation for our kids to wait for that first kiss. How long? Well, that takes me to the second thing to talk about with your kids. 2 Tell them not to jump on the “I kissed kissing goodbye” wagon too fast. This year I spent some time in the Dominican Republic where the Christian brothers and sisters kiss! I’m not talking about a romantic kiss. I’m talking about every time they greet each other, it’s with a kiss on the cheek. The first few times a pastor or other church leader moved in on me...well, I will tell you I was quite uncertain as to what to do? But then I saw that the healthy Christian culture of modesty and purity in the Dominican Republic wasn’t laced with repression or hyperawareness of sexuality that we sometimes experience in my neck of the woods. It was a natural, innocent, beautiful and familial expression. We have to be careful not to make standards that are even the tiniest bit contrary to the heart of Scripture. And Scripture encourages kissing! The Apostle Paul encourages us to greet each other with a holy kiss. He doesn’t leave us a user manual, so what kind of kiss is this that he practically commands? To be sure, this isn’t your searching-the-cavern-kind-of-kiss. It’s not even a tempting-kiss. It’s an innocent peck of greeting, like you might get from your uncle or your dad. pocket. Maybe you’ll love it. (And maybe you’ll write me hate mail.) Ask your teen or college-aged student, “Which of these five kinds of kisses do you think are OK outside of marriage?” The Virtual - You probably already know