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TEEN TALK WITH DANNAH OH, NO! UNDER THE MISTLETOE 3 Things to Tell Your Teens About Kissing To kiss or not to kiss? That’s what moms ask me all the time as they’re preparing their tweens, teens and college-bound young adults for dating. With mistletoe hanging overhead, it’s a good time to talk. (Especially since it can be forecasted that Justin Bieber will certainly casually kiss some other celeb under a bunch of it, raising stock in the plant and interest in the casual kiss.) Here are three things to consider as you talk to your kids. 1 Tell them some things are worth waiting for, because they are. From the simple things we wait for each year, like Black Friday or Grandma’s famous Christmas turkey dressing, to big life landmarks, like getting married or turning a pregnancy stick pink, it is the human experience 88 MTL Magazine / to savor the process of waiting. Conversely, the process of taking something before it is time spoils it. I still remember sneaking under my parent’s bed to look at my Christmas gifts before Christmas in sixth grade. Talk about a total fail! (Sorry, Mom.) Assuming you agree that the gift of sex is to be reserved for marriage, it’s a good idea to teach your kids that they don’t want to rev up the engine or they could risk receiving something before it is time. Ephesians 5:3 urges that there must not be a “hint” of sexual sin (or misuse outside of marriage) in us. Tell your kids how they might find themselves hinting at sexual sin—and revving up the engine before marriage—just with a kiss. Here’s the science behind it.