MTL Christmas - Page 87

my relationships I’m not a fan of passive aggressive, I’m not a fan of burying it, I’m not a fan of pretending it’s all fine but seething on the inside. In my opinion, it’s always best to do that mature, hard work of having heart conversations. “The conflict resolution tools are the same ones most of us already know—none of them are comfortable and none of them are easy.” One of those tools Jen shares is to never attempt resolution in the heat of moment. “As we know, not every relationship will be mended or healed. But it at least lets your soul off the hook if you’ve said what needed to be said. You’ve gone directly to the person instead of gossiping to the rest of the family. You’ve handled this as a grown up. And there’s a peace just in that.” And who doesn’t want a little more peace this holiday season? “I have a 24-hour rule that I employ in all heat of the moment situations. I have to use this a lot ݥѠ