MTL Christmas - Page 82

A Single’s Survivaluide G to the Holidays by Jackie M. Johnson It’s been said that Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year. But for many singles, it’s the season when we’re most painfully aware of the fact that we are not coupled. Our relatives bombard us with questions about why we’re not married. We’re stressed because we don’t have a special someone to take to the office Christmas party—or New Year’s Eve. Why is it that the holidays seem to magnify the yearning to love and be loved? Whether you’re 24 or 54, singles of all ages can find ways to thrive, not just survive, during the holidays. 82 MTL Magazine / HERE ARE SEVEN HELPFUL IDEAS TO CONSIDER: No 1 PRAY. ASK GOD TO HELP YOU. If you are feeling sad or lonely, know that God cares about you and He will help you through. Your words don’t have to be fancy, just speak from the heart as if you were talking to a close friend. Prayer is powerful. No 2 BE PRESENT. Don’t think of the holidays as a time to endure, but to enjoy. Don’t wish your life away by bemoaning, “If only I can get through this until January.” The future will come soon enough. Find ways to be in the moment.