MTL Christmas - Page 81

my relationships But speaking a blessing into the lives of your children or spouse is just one way to encourage or build them up. Our words are more meaningful when we reinforce them with compatible behavior. Another way we bless others is through meaningful touch. Research has shown the incredible benefits of touch. Premature babies who are touched gain weight dramatically faster than those who aren’t. Touch is a way of affirming another person without saying a word. A third way we can bless others is through active commitment. Words have to be accompanied by action. Blessing others is not merely spoken; it must be lived—even when it’s hard. Commitment is not a popular word today. If it rests on our own happiness, contentment or in having our needs met, it will fall apart under the tamest of storms. But that’s For more from John Trent, check out his 30 Ways to Bless series on not commitment. When we bless others, we do so because they are valuable to us. They are worthy—unconditionally, unequivocally, without reservation. Under the weight of limited commitment it’s no wonder people stray, kids are hurt or relationships fall by the wayside. We have the power to build up or tear down A fourth way we can bless others is by attaching a high value to them. We can express high value by ascribing great worth and speaking this out through words or in writing. Or we ca