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From the Publisher tend to rely on my “home excellence report” mentality. I am committed to cleaning up things that are messy, fix things that are broken and make plans for how the evening will go. As God prepared to send His Son into the world, He sent someone to get things ready. He had promised to do that, so some people were watching for this special individual to come and make himself known. The Old Testament prophets, Malachi and Isaiah had prophesied that before the Messiah would come, God would send a messenger to prepare the people. Kirk David Blank My first “real job” was working at a Christian bookstore. The store had a great program to help employees become prepared for business. A simple checklist called the “Store Excellence Report” was used daily to evaluate the physical appearance of the store. Any light bulbs out? Any displays lacking in product? Any dust on the shelves? At the time, I was a newlywed and thought, “If this works so well for me at my business, I will develop a ‘home excellence report.’” And just as my District Manager held me accountable to maintaining the standards of the report, I, too, would use this to help my sweet Bride be more efficient and productive. After all, it was a loving thing to do, right? I spent a considerable amount of time modifying this business tool for home use. To test the effectiveness of this ingenious new tool, I did a report based on the current condition of our home so my loving, yet unsuspecting wife could see how well she was already doing and identify the areas that would need correction or improvement. Brilliant move, right? Malachi 3:1 and 4:5 say, “Look, I am sending you my messenger, and h