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“The reason why I do not like to say ‘daddy-approved’ is because it is not like I have to go show my dad every single thing I put on and he tells me yes or no,” Sadie explains. “‘Daddy-approved’ is a respect thing I have for my dad and more importantly my Heavenly Father. I have always said if you can’t respect yourself, how do you expect other people to respect you? I dress in a way to earn and deserve respect.” That level of respect for God’s standards and for herself extends into her dating life as well. By honoring God with her choices in dating, Sadie plans to avoid the pitfalls that can be a temptation to most teens and young adults. “I think everyone has their own rules for dating and I think those boundaries should be between you, your boyfriend and God,” Sadie says. “When God is on top, all of the things you have to worry about in a relationship won’t be as big of a problem.” Everything I do is for the Lord In addition to starring in Duck Dynasty, Sadie has created multiple product lines, spoken at various engagements, written the book Live Original and performed in Dancing with the Stars. Her latest product line with Glory Haus is a spirited collection of home décor and jewelry. THE REAL ROBERTSON FAMILY, ACCORDING TO SADIE: My family is crazy, but they are amazing. The coolest thing about our family is that we all have our own talents and no one tries to do anyone else’s talent. We shine at the different things that we do, and we all encourage each other in those things. The show (and our family) wouldn’t work if I tried to be Si, and Si tried to be Willie, and Willie tried to be Jase. Just like the Body of Christ, everyone in this world has his or her own talents, and it is what it is today because of that. I love how throughout everything our family has been through, God has remained on top, and that is how it will always be. SADIE SHARES THE FIRST WORD THAT POPS INTO HER MIND WHEN SHE THINKS OF… Willie: hilarious Phil: serious Miss Kay: amazing cook “My new line with Glory Haus is so awesome,” Sadie exclaims. “It’s so cute and fun, and all the girls are just loving it!” John: CRAZY Sadie started partnering with Glory Haus after purchasing some of their products a few years ago. She loved the inspirational messages on their gift lines and wanted to be a part of what they were doing. Jase: advice giver “Getting to work with them and putting my messages on their products is honestly just really amazing,” Sadie shares. “They are wonderful people trying to make a difference in this world, and they are doing it in a very cute way.” Chrys: superwoman Missy: amazing singer Uncle Si: There are no words in the English vocabulary to describe him in one word. With all that Sadie has going on, she is still able to stay in school via an independent work study program that allows her to complete her studies on the road, while still being a teenager. “I am a very busy person,” Sadie admits. “But when I am unwinding, I’m playing basketball and tennis for my school back at home. I do try to give myself an occasional lazy Netflix day when I can. Those are always nice.” But being busy doesn’t distract Sadie from what matters most. “People always ask me, with all the stuff I am doing, how do I stay connected with God? That’s an easy question to answer because everything I do is for the Lord, so I am always with Him. For more from Sadie Robertson, check out Live Original on / MTL Magazine 77