MTL Christmas - Page 76

Free to Be Me Sadie Robertson on Staying True to God and Herself To look at her, you would think that confidence comes naturally. Her smile radiates charisma. Her catchphrase is “Live Original.” But at the heart of it all, Sadie Robertson is simply a teenage girl passionately pursuing the person God has created her to be. The choices and commitments she has made are what have helped her become the young lady she is today. “I have committed to living original, to being confident in the person that I was created to be,” Sadie says. “Now, are there some days that I struggle with that? Absolutely. But it’s a step in the right direction. Think about if we all lived original, being confident in the person we were created to be and using our ability and talents to truly help this would be amazing. So, I am trying to start that trend.” One of the ways Sadie has modeled that trend for her generation is by staying true to her standards on modesty and purity. Fans of A&E’s hit show Duck Dynasty all remember the 76 MTL Magazine / episode when Sadie went to pick out a prom dress. Her father, Willie, wanted to make sure that her dress would be modest enough, which led to an interesting dress shopping experience for father and daughter…and Uncle Si. I dress in a way to earn and deserve respect “The prom dress episode is one of my favorites because from that I got to work with Sherri Hill, and now I have four ‘daddy-approved’ prom dress lines out,” Sadie shares. The dresses from Sherri Hill, a designer for young Hollywood, were inspired by Sadie’s creative spirit and the pursuit for a certain standard of mod