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my family ready, we took our seats in the sunroom that had been converted to a makeshift dining room. Everything and everyone looked great. There was only one problem: everyone facing the window was blinded by the late fall sun. Christian said, “I’ve got this mom!” He disappeared up to his room and came back with ten pairs of silly sunglasses we were saving for his birthday party. It was quite a sight! Twenty people gathered around four stuffed birds with ten of us wearing shades! But the memory I treasure most was what everyone shared that day. One by one we gave thanks to God for the blessings of that year and the gift of friends. I watched my almost five-year-old son take in every word. I knew that the seeds planted that day in such a young, fertile heart would bear fruit in the months and years to come. They all signed a guest book, and when the tour was over, Christian asked if he could see what they had written. Several shared a Scripture verse that had encouraged and strengthened them. For many it was a life verse, a star to sail their ship by. Christian brought his Bible down and we marked every single verse. It was a Thanksgiving to be beyond grateful for! application to kids, they will also give parents helpful tools to guide their children to Christ. I think families will laugh together when they read the books, but more importantly, they will simultaneously be joining together around the Word of God. Somehow in this crazy world, we are losing the art of conversation. I want to reintroduce what it looks like to sit around the dinner table and ask each other questions and dig into the Word together. It is my hope and prayer that these books allow parents and grandparents to spend intentional time with their families as they read and discuss the Bible on a regular basis, and that through spending time in the Word, the Bible will become applicable to the lives of all family members, showing all how to experience true freedom in Christ for generations to come! Related Products: For more from Sheila Walsh, check out The Bible is My Best Friend Family Devotional on There’s something about the holidays that brings everyone closer together. It’s a special time to laugh and reminisce on the past year, the good and the bad. It’s a time to show your appreciation and gratitude for others and give thanks for the many blessings bestowed upon you. Most importantly, it is a time to share the Good News. Although I have a heart for women’s ministry, I also have a growing passion to reach a younger generation. To me, there is nothing that is more exciting than the Word of God, so I wanted to communicate that excitement to kids. I also want kids to uncover the secret that the Bible is one of the best things they will ever discover in life. From this idea, these new children’s books began—and then grew and grew into something spectacular. The Bible is My Best Friend books are intended to help your children understand how fun it can be to dig into God’s Word. However, these books will not only give great Bible The Story of God’s Love for You Sally Lloyd-Jones, $19.99 The Biggest Story Kevin DeYoung, $17.99 Thankful Eileen Spinelli, $16.99 / MTL Magazine 75