MTL Christmas - Page 74

A THANKSGIVING TO BE THANKFUL FOR by Sheila Walsh “I knew that the seeds planted that day in such a young fertile heart would bear fruit in the months and years to come.” One of my very favorite Thanksgiving memories was shared with my “family” of 20, four turkeys and ten pairs of sunglasses! Let me back up a little. My husband, Barry and I actually have only one child, our son Christian who has headed off to his first year as a college student. I think that’s why I’m feeling a little nostalgic and looking back on some of the best memories during the holidays as he was growing up. Back to the turkeys…Christian is a December baby and was about to turn five that year. I was on the road, touring with a children’s Christmas musical, and Barry and Christian were there with me on the bus. Christian loved it! He would crawl into his bunk on the bus, put his favorite movie into the DVD player and be rocked to sleep as we rolled on to the ne