MTL Christmas - Page 55

my home Prepare Him Room: Share the Legacy Some hearts turn to a homespun and handmade Christmas. Children’s handicrafts return year after year to the family tree. Mom’s or Grandma’s knitted or stitched ornaments hang from ribbons and embellish wreaths or garlands. A handmade Christmas means a return to memories of people and places gone by. As these memories are shared, remember their faith stories, too. Was Grandma a believer? How did her legacy of faith affect her family? Faith is a legacy to share, especially at Christmastime. Stories add so much to this special season. Christmas Present: Simple Remixes Every Christmas is an opportunity to make new memories together. The juxtaposition of the old and new gives décor a fresh look. In the present, a trend of dressing nature with some Christmas finery has some fun décor possibilities. Find branches to fit a space that needs a bit of Christmas cheer. Make a cross from the branches by criss-crossing ribbon or twine and hang old or new glittering ornaments and/or golden baubles from the horizontal line created. (For more glitz,