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Every ornament can become a treasured teaching moment for a child or grandchild as a bit of the nativity story is shared each day. Instead of finishing the treetop with an angel or star, attach a cross at the top and share how Jesus’ birth is only part of the story. Help children make the connection that the cross reminds us of Jesus’ ultimate reason for coming and that He is coming again. (Isaac Watts would certainly approve!) From Simple to Resplendent: Echoes of Christmas Past Decorating tastes run the gamut from paper strips and popcorn strings to shiny baubles and festoons of tinsel. For some people, Christmas past is the starting template from which all future decorating is done. Memories add a nostalgic layer of charm to the season. Depending on the decade remembered, seasonal decorating may reflect the homespun forties, the shiny aluminum fifties, the mod sixties, the psychedelic seventies, the glam eighties or the Victoria-revisited nineties. From simple to resplendent, whatever Grandma had in her house at Christmas is often fondly remembered at this time of year. 54 MTL Magazine / Prepare Him Room: Gift Idea In the mind’s eye of memory, the holiday table takes center stage. Goodies are devoured with festive abandon when served on special Christmas dishes or heirloom items. Vintage dishes make a storied connection to Christmases past. If these treasures weren’t passed on, flea market finds or “made to look” vintage new items can create a sense of history that will decorate the memories of future Christmases. Vintage dishes make a storied connection to Christmases past Fill a vintage ceramic dish with cookies or candy and give them as gifts to friends and family. Add a note that says, “Love came down at Christmas. May these treats remind you that God’s Love sent a gift that feeds our hope today—the gift was Jesus. Merry Christmas from…”