MTL Christmas - Page 53

my home Let every heart prepare Him room. When Isaac Watts penned the lyrics to “Joy to the World” in 1719, he had as much in mind to celebrate the future coming of the Lord as he did to offer a hymn of praise for His birth. “Let every heart prepare Him room” invited all to receive with joy the coming of the Lord. As you prepare for Christmas, remember this now famous carol and think about ways to create a sense of joy both for His birth and His redemptive work on the cross. Deck the walls and prepare every heart to receive all the joy and wonder that is Christmas. The celebration of Christmas is a gift. Traditions, both old and new, add layers of excitement to the Christmas season. Unwrap each layer like a child who anticipates a wonderful, new gift each year. Let every sense tingle with the sights, sounds, smells, tastes and textures in this season of delight. Rethink some traditions and envision new ways to prepare Him room. From Collection to Reflection Nativity ornaments are reminders of the Bethlehem story. As a collection of nativity ornaments grows through the years, they often dangle from the tree among many other seasonal icons. Give these symbols of Christ’s birth a place of prominence. A special Advent tree can feature nativity ornaments and help the heart prepare Him room. Prepare Him Room: Advent Tree To create an Advent tree, place a few evenly spaced round baubles on a tabletop tree in a single color to complement the seasonal décor in the room (using one color will help make the nativity ornaments stand out). Beginning the first day of December, add one or two ornaments a day (depending on the size of the tree) to lead up to Christmas. / MTL Magazine 53