MTL Christmas - Page 49

choose a theme Browse your local Christian bookstore for ideas. Perhaps a children’s book can lend inspiration for the right decorating touch. Perhaps a Christmas novel or a classic poem or tale will spark your creativity. Invite the staff to help–they are always ready to lend a helpful hand. keep it simple A quiche, a salad and muffins make a nice brunch. And who can resist roast chicken with cranberry stuffing and pumpkin pie? All of these can be ordered from the deli or picked up at the local food club. Remember, it really isn’t about the food; it’s about the fellowship. the more the merrier Ask a few friends to help you plan and prepare. It is so much more fun to do things with others, so ask your creative friend to set the table, your hostess-with-themostess friend to send the invitations and greet people when they arrive, and your behind-the-scenes friend to manage the food prep. finally... and maybe most importantly, know that those who come to your event are not judging how clean your house is, how good the food tastes or even whether you decorate well. They are just grateful you gave everyone the opportunity to get dressed up and to get together to celebrate the real meaning of Christmas. So, don’t forget to set a special place at the table for the Honored Guest–the real reason for entertaining. For more from Cheri Cowell, check out 365 Devotions for Peace on Entertaining Made Easy What would Christmas be without parties, brunches, teas and festive dinners? Just the thought of it puts a song in our hearts; or perhaps, for you the thought brings dread. If that description fits, follow these simple tips to turn holiday events into times for joy and celebration.