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my health SO HOW CAN WE HELP? For more from Kathi Macias, check out Return to Christmas on Christmas is nearly upon us. Wouldn’t this be the perfect time to reach out to our present or former military personnel and welcome them “home for Christmas”? And because we know the Christ of Christmas, we can extend that Christmas welcome all year long. American Psychiatric Association (2013). Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (5th ed.). Arlington, VA: American Psychiatric Publishing. pp 271-280. ISBN 978-0-89042-555-8. 1 Kathi Macias is an award-winning writer with nearly 50 books to her credit. A wife, mother, grandmother and great-grandmother, Kathi lives in Southern California with her husband, Al. Related Products: Stories of Faith and Courage from the Home Front Karen Whiting & Jocelyn Green, $16.99 One of the simplest ways I’ve found to encourage returning military or veterans is to make a point to thank them for their service. This is especially helpful with Vietnam vets who, for the most part, did not receive warm welcomes or words of gratitude when they returned. Another means of helping our military (while they’re away on deployment and/or when they return) is to get involved with an organization such as the USO (United Services Organization). This long-sta