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my money As a minimalist, I love consumable gifts! They can be meaningful and memorable, but they don’t result in clutter. SOME OF MY FAVORITE CONSUMABLE GIFT IDEAS FOR KIDS ARE: Bubble bath, crayons and sidewalk chalk A special outing with the grandparents Magazine subscriptions Subscription to craft kit boxes Crayons, paper, coloring books and other craft supplies Gift cards for restaurants/treats Sometimes, the most remembered gifts are those that took time and thought, not money. When you plan ahead and make a list of whom you are buying gifts for, it allows you to put forth more time and effort into the actual gifts. Instead of hastily throwing together a gift or hurriedly running to the store and getting some generic gifts, planning ahead allows you to consider what would really bless the recipient. the most remembered gifts are those that too� time and thought, not money Take time to consider each person on your list individually. Think what would really be meaningful to him or her. Ask another friend or family member for suggestions if you’re having trouble coming up with ideas. When we give gifts we can afford and that we’ve put effort and thought into, there’s so much joy in giving. We can just thoroughly enjoy giving—no strings or guilt or credit card bills attached! Crystal Paine is a child of God, wife to Jesse, homeschool mom of three, founder of and author of Money-Making Mom. For more from Crystal Paine, check out Money-Making Mom on Related Products: Live Your Life for ½ the Price Mary Hunt, $15.99 Living Well Spending Less Ruth Soukup, $15.99 The Household Money Organizer $15.99 / MTL Magazine 35