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not perfect, we’re not going to do it all perfectly, we’re going to make mistakes in the spotlight and privately. And so whenever someone tackles you or you fumble the ball yourself, you just get back up and keep going. “I come from a long line of people of faith, who really live it. I was raised that way,” Korie states. And that’s something Hollywood cannot change. Christmas Eve is spent with Korie’s side of the family. Korie’s mom has five bothers, so with all of the children and grandchildren, there are about 60 of them for a big family dinner. Then after dinner, they have an annual talent show, and each family performs a funny talent. IT’S THE MOST WONDERFUL TIME OF THE YEAR “Our family usually does some sort of a skit,” Korie shares. “Last year we did a Dancing with the Stars performance. Willie, Rebecca and I were the judges, and Sadie and Will were dancers, and John Luke and Bella were dancers. It was pretty cute.” “We have so many traditions. It is really fun,” Korie exclaims. Christmas morning is simply at home with their own family. Then around 3 or 4 o’clock, everyone goes to Phil and Miss Kay’s for Christmas evening. Kay gives everyone prank gifts that she buys throughout the year. “Some of them are funnier to her,” Korie adds with a laugh. Even during the holidays, Korie says they still live their lives at home the same. The guys get out in the woods, and the wives get ready for the holidays. The main difference is that their lives are a lot busier. Other than the one year they did the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade, the Robertsons can be found down home for the holidays. With everyone living nearby, Christmas week begins with brunch at Grandma’s house. Korie’s 84-year-old grandmother, cooks bananas foster and pancakes—“all kinds of fabulous stuff ”—for all of the grandkids, aunts and uncles. “She does pretty much all of the cooking,” Korie says. And since everyone has had their fill of traditional Christmas food, on Christmas night, they always enjoy a Cajun Christmas meal. “We have fried shrimp and crawfish pies…and it’s so good,” she admits. “It’s not your traditional Christmas meal, but that’s the Robertson tradition.” Then one of Korie’s aunts hosts the annual Christmas cookie decorating get-together for the cousins. “By the end, we’re pretty exhausted. But all the things we do are so much fun.” Miss Kay’s birthday is on December 21, so Korie and Willie usually throw a party for her at their house before Christmas. And as far as that trip to the Bahamas…maybe next year. / MTL Magazine 27