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Korie is grateful for the opportunity to tell as many people as possible about adoption. “We have a family that comes from lots of different directions, from adoption and foster care. And it does give us a platform to speak about it.” For parents considering adoption, Korie encourages them to “just do it.” “I feel like sometimes people wait for something to fall in their lap or for God to speak to them. But God spoke to you through the Bible—to care for the widows and orphans. So I feel like He’s already spoken in this regard. “I know there’s the rollercoaster when you adopt an older child or out of the foster care system. But it is so worth it. As with anything in life when we do follow God’s will—when we do the thing He’s asked us to—we receive the reward as well. We receive the blessing of this child in our home.” ONE BIG HAPPY FAMILY Family is something that is clearly important to the Robertsons. They are all close, literally. Korie’s parents live next door, the grandparents are across the street, and all four of Willie’s brothers live on the same street, with plenty of cousins for the kids to play with. While Willie’s parents just moved up the road, Willie and Korie are the common denominator in the middle. are and to be confident of whose they are—they have God living in them. And even though they’re going to go through some hard times in life, they’re not going to break. They’re going to stay true to who they are and who God has called them to be. “Kind was how I wanted them to interact with others in this world.” These two traits were something that Willie and Korie kept in the forefront of their minds as they raised their children and made decisions for their family. Even as people expressed concern about their choice to embark in reality TV, the Robertsons approached this wit ]X