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And you can still hear the smile in her voice as she talks about him in her sweet southern drawl. “He had these big dimples that now are covered up by his beard. He was so funny and so charming, even in fourth grade. I just fell in love immediately. I even wrote it in my diary!” they were interested in adopting. One of those people was a friend who taught child birthing classes at a home for new mothers faced with the decision to keep their child or choose adoption. Previously, the Robertsons attended “the little country church,” but when Willie was in seventh grade, his family started going to Korie’s church in “the city.” Not long after, the Robertsons got a phone call from their friend. “We found out about Will and it was really just a miracle,” Korie explains. “Because we know people who wait for so long…it just felt like God’s hand was in it.” “He and Jase were the hot shots in the youth group,” Korie shares. But during Korie’s senior year, Willie and Korie started officially dating. He was already out of school and going to seminary at a little Bible college in Louisiana. Will was only a month old at the time. And once they saw a picture of him, the Robertsons knew they had to have him. So a week later, they drove to Baton Rouge to bring him home. “We could see God’s hand at work in bringing us together,” Korie says. And the two got married right out of high school. Korie was 18 at the time. “I tell people I had contractions the night before I got him,” Korie says. “It was crazy—like that excitement of ‘I’m getting a baby tomorrow!’ And I remember feeling that same way when I was going to the hospital to have a baby.” AND BABY MAKES…SIX! “In our naïve young age, we had planned on having four children. So we decided to have three and then adopt the fourth,” she explains. For Korie and Willie, adoption was always a part of the plan…even though sometimes things don’t go as planned. In addition to watching her parents model caring for the widows and the orphans, Korie’s high school Bible teacher adopted a child her senior year. He taught the students what the Bible says about religion that is pure and faultless, which is taking care of widows and orphans. He emphasized how important that calling is in the life of a Christian—to actually live it. It was then that Korie decided she wanted to adopt. While they were dating that year, Korie told Willie about her decision and he immediately agreed. We thought maybe God was telling us this is the time—we should adopt “His family lived the same way,” Korie says. “They never adopted, but they always had someone on their couch…. Willie was on board from the time we talked about it. We just felt called to that and had ultimately planned to do it.” As they prayed about it and waited for God’s leading, they had two biological children, no problem. Then they tried for the third, and it didn’t happen. “We thought maybe God was telling us this is the time—we should adopt,” Korie shares. With two children of their own, the question now was not when to adopt, but whom to adopt—would they adopt an older child or a baby? Willie and Korie began telling people That was in December. Then came another surprise on January 11. To celebrate their 10-year wedding anniversary, Willie had planned a surprise trip to Cancun. Although Korie was hesitant to leave their new baby boy, the two Check out an excerpt from Strong and Kind on page 73 went…and came back pregnant with Bella! “Again, God’s plan for Will to be in our family was so evident. Because had I gotten pregnant a month before, we would have waited and adopted…someday. But it wouldn’t have been Will. So it was like God closed my womb until Will came into our home. And then it was like He said, ‘Ok, now you can have your fourth!’” Having an adopted child didn’t really change things for the Robertsons. With their family “complete,” life was normal. “Before we were famous, Will was just our child,” Korie says. “We didn’t really think about it. He is part of our family.” But as their celebrity status grew, people started noticing, since Will is interracial. And rather than avoid the topic, / MTL Magazine 25