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my world Serving Opportunities There are many gifts you can give for free. Consider serving with your family or group in one of the following ways: • Commit to visiting someone in a nursing home twice a month for a year. • Volunteer at a soup kitchen, food pantry or animal shelter. • Shovel snow or weed an elderly neighbor’s yard. • Bake cookies and deliver them to someone who has been going through a difficult time. • Invite someone who lives alone to take a car ride and look at Christmas lights. Real life: A newly graduated college student in Washington D.C. longed for a way to reach out to the homeless. She thought about The Sparkle Box and made a bag full of peanut butter and jelly sandwiches to hand out. She said she’ll never forget one man, who looked at her with such gratitude and warmth. She said she felt she was looking into the eyes of God. PRESENTING YOUR GIFTS ON CHRISTMAS MORNING When we give or receive a gift given in love, there is a special moment that happens. We feel it when a child gives us a gift that made him think of us—whether it’s our favorite candy bar or a macaroni necklace. Presenting a gift to Jesus on His birthday is an honor. It’s our way of saying, Jesus we remember You on Your birthday. We thank You for what You taught us. We thank You for the gift that You are to the world, to each one of us—and we are honored to shine Your light. When we give or receive a gift in �ove, there is a special moment that happens Interested in learning more about The Sparkle Box and exploring opportunities to spread good will toward mankind? Visit for free coloring pages, craft ideas, activities and resources you can use to share the Sparkle Box tradition with people of all ages. Visit where you can search over a 100,000 charities by keyword to find ones that support causes close to your heart. Related Products: How Can I Help? Mary J. Moerbe, $10.99 Radical David Platt, $14.99 For more from Jill Hardie, check out The Sparkle Box on 25 Christmas Blessings Dena Dyer, $4.99 / MTL Magazine 21