MTL Christmas - Page 13

Giving the Gift of Time by Elizabeth Byler Younts I don’t want to tell you the numerous ways you could simplify your Christmas—I’m all for simple, I even have the t-shirt. But seriously, simple can get you a first class ticket on the crazytrain. At this point in the holiday season, you are well past the option of prepping for Christmas in July, so your only option is to not even bother sleeping until January 2. Who cares if you’re a walking zombie and can’t remember the simple Christmas you created for everyone else. Simplicity gets high marks on Pinterest, even when involving steps in double-digits. But it requires a lot of planning in real life. Simple doesn’t mean dropping the ball on priorities or serving PB&J for every meal. It’s also far more involved than it was for Ma Ingles because we have to take a picture of it (with a filter) and share it on social media. I also don’t want to tell you that you shouldn’t indulge in gifts, because it might be your love language or the only time you see your grandchildren or your college kids. Enjoy the beauty of giving and receiving, but make it thoughtful. All I can really tell you is what means the most to me at Christmas—giving the gift of time. And with that, let me tell you a story. / MTL Magazine 13