EXPOPEDIA2018 Taking on 2018 South Africa is blessed with a wide spectrum of minerals that include gold, platinum, copper, coal, chrome and diamonds. Some minerals illustrate sheer beauty while others grease the machinery of our continent’s economy. The business of mining is probably one of the best businesses you can be involved in, especially when it comes to doing business in South Africa. Cities, power stations and jobs are the result of an industry that has boomed for over a century. However, nothing so exquisite and life-dependant comes cheap or easily. Strike action has left some operations practically crippled, health and safety are more and more critical, water and electricity are more precious, and there is a growing need for sustainable practises. The mines know this and so do their suppliers. MTE celebrates more than two decades of bringing the mine and the supplier together. Mines will always need expert consultation, not holistically, but on things such as flooding from damaged pumps, rock falls, power blackouts, power tools that don’t emit sparks in a gaseous environment...The list goes on. Due to MTE’s relationships in the mining industry in southern Africa we can successfully host beneficial and impactful exhibitions on or near key operations. After 25 fantastic years, it has been brought to our attention that the buck needn’t stop at mining. 2018 aims to do just that – and more! Over the past two years, MTE has experimented with incorporating general industry and construction into the picture – the areas we have visited over the years have a massive appetite for these industries. Feedback shows that this has worked and so, aside from pure mining, there will be shows which incorporate other trade aspects, especially those that best reflect the area they are in. MTE’s across-the-border shows have been met with success over the years. MTE’s travelling expos therefore continue to host exhibitions outside of South Africa – in Botswana and Zambia. Keep on reading to find out more! As always, MTE’s primary goal remains the same: to build relationships and maintain and preserve them for many years to come. How else could MTE have celebrated so many years in existence? Golf days are a winner with exhibitors and visitors, and have proven to be an excellent way for continued networking, so please take advantage of these fantastic opportunities. 5