EXPOPEDIA2018 Advertising opportunities Mining & Minerals Product Review (MMPR) is an A3 product-based magazine that goes out every second month. It’s a mining magazine in South Africa strictly focused on mining products and services and is the ideal platform to showcase your new products and services to the mining and industrial market. Free product editorials highlight the best attributes that your products and services have to offer. African Mining provides valuable information on minerals’ exploration and mining developments throughout the continent. It reports on the continent’s renaissance in mining and market opportunities associated with it and is read by geologists, consultants, engineers, suppliers, senior management, technical specialists and other decision and policy-makers in the sector. Mining Mirror covers the full spectrum of the South African mining and minerals’ industry for managers, engineers, investors, geologists, exploration companies, metallurgists, investors, government departments and policy-makers. The information enables readers to mine more efficiently by embracing innovations, trends, new prospects, opportunities and other developments. African Mines Handbook is an annual directory for investors, geologists, engineers and mine managers on all aspects of African mines, mineral exploration projects, types of operation, s VFW'2B&VfW&W2&Vv'&Vv7&72FR6FVBB&fFW26VG'fW'fWw0B2rvFFWF2b֖RvW'2FV FG&W76W2B6F7BFWF2B֖W&2&Vr֖VBf"&Rf&F"F&W"7B6F7@6FR#rSsCC"Và6FTFW&7FVF6wwrFVW26WVFBWVVBb&R26WFg&6( 2&vV'FfrWVVBvRV6VB&PFF&VRFV6FW2vB2&VVBFRf&Vg&B`7Wǖr'W6W72VRFR'VBVf&VBvFf&F7V6f6F2BG&VG2WVVBfV6W2B&VFVB6W'f6W2f"&Rf&F"F&W"7B6F7@R#rSsCC"Vàw&TFW&7FVF6GfW'F6R&BvWBFvFg&VPR6vWBFFF6fW&vRƖR'Ɩ涖rW BFW"vV'6FRffW&rgVVF6vRF7G&'WF6VFW26WFg&6B7V"6&g&67V62&&G7v֖&B&VR֖rƖR6ƖVG2"'ffW&rW 6ƖVG2vV"&W'2BWw6WGFW'2FRvV'6FR66VFW2&GV7BVFF&BfVGW&W2fVBW vRWFVFrW"W7W&R6FwVW2&Rf&RƖRf"V66r6W0f&Rf"&r&RR7G&bRB6fW'2FRfW&vRV&W"bG2W"6FwVR2<*Sc"f"&Rf&F"F&6F7B6Fࢳ#rSsCC"Và6FVTFW&7FVF6f"&Rf&F&WBWw6WGFW'2F&V7F&W2@FW"GfW'F6r'GVFW26F7BW&ࢳ#r"s#3""VàW&FW&7FVF6C