EXPOPEDIA2018 About Interact Media Defined Interact Media Defined (IMD) is a leading South African multimedia magazine publisher, conference and exhibition company focused on building services, building design, building construction, water, HVAC&R and the mining and equipment industries. IMD is also branching out into sugar, industrial, paper and pulp industries as well as ports and harbours. Mining and Technical Exhibitions (MTE), a division within IMD, celebrates its 25th birthday in 2018, having made a name for itself since 1993 through countless shows at mines across South Africa and the African continent. Since the dawn of the new South Africa, the mining industry has undergone massive transformation. MTE’s 25 years in operation is proof of a successful adaptation to that transformation. Our longevity is testament to our pride and passion for innovation and exhibitions, in addition to our investment in a well-oiled system of shell schemes, tents and transport. IMD’s involvement in various industries enables us to think beyond the ‘space’ of advertising and exhibitions to fully understand the needs of our markets and become part of that sector. It is this progressive view that makes IMD so unique. To quote our slogan, ‘It’s not complicated; it’s technical’. With a staff complement that comprises a strong and seasoned sales force, experienced organisers and a well-rounded editorial team, we invite your company to show mines throughout the country and beyond what you’ve got to help the industry reach a more efficient and productive level. Get in touch with us if you are involved in mining in any form, shape or manner – we are here for you. We offer a customised solution to fit your needs, whatever they are. We look forward to celebrating the next 25 years with you. 3