EXPOPEDIA2018 Rustenburg, North West Situated at the foot of the majestic Magaliesberg mountain range, Rustenburg is home to the two largest platinum mines in the world and the world’s largest platinum refinery. The area went through a rough patch in 2016, when clashes between the National Union of Mineworkers (NUM) and the Association of Mineworkers and Construction Union (Amcu) reached new heights, but there has also been an increased focus on social development because of the mining activity in the area. Rustenburg is one of only five South African cities to have a community foundation; the Greater Rustenburg Community Foundation seeks to ensure that regional development reaches all levels of society. Sibanye stillwater platinum is a new arm of Sibanye after it was purchased from Anglo American Platinum in 2016. Anglo American Platinum is still responsible for processing minerals from Sibanye Platinum. Some of the major mines in this area (employees of which will visit the expo) include Impala Platinum, Kroondal chrome mine, Wonderkop chrome smelter, Lannex chrome mine, Omnia Fertilisers, Bathopele platinum mine, Siphmelele platinum mine, Thembelani platinum mine, ACP Services, Base Metals Refinery, Wate 'f6VFW"&V6W2WF2&VfW'B&&fVrFVfVVS'Vv'6V FFS3#FS3Fs3f6F'0( 6&RFV'W7FV'W&rFV֖W2( vW&666VG&F'26VFW'2&6PWFB&V6W2WF2&VfW&W2( FV֖W0( &6W76p( vFW'f6VFW ( &F6&R֖P( vFW&6&P( 'W7FV'W&r6&R֖P( fW'FƗ6W'0( 56W'f6W0( &V'VrFV֖P( W6&W&rFV֖P( &&fVrFV֖PW&F'2vR&Rrf"&R7V6f6ǒf7W6V@WFFfbw&VBvVVBG&6FV6RfFwVRvVVBv&rBVvG06gBW"FV6RGW7B7W&W766P&VGV7FB6fW"&VB6VrFV6wFW7FRG26WVW&VB7B'W7FV'W&r2FvvF'&vBgWGW&RBDRW2F2W2g'VFgVWW&V6Rf"RW&Ff&FRbW&FGR`W&FvW"bW&F6&RFV%ҒVFW&w&VB6&R7FvFW FV֖W2VFW&w&VBFVФ&F6&R֖RVFW&w&VBvV6&PvFW&6&R&6W76rW&fR&W6W&6W0'W7FV'W&r6&R֖RVFW&w&VBW70&V'VrFV֖RVFW&w&VBvW6vRFVХW6&W&rFV֖RV67B6VF&VFVФ֖W0&&fVrFV֖RVFW&w&VB&&fVpFw0$""66VG&F"B6VFW"&6W76rvW&6wwrFVW26WVF'W7FV'W&pRbW fw6W&F2FV6wfFFRR`FRvR#0