EXPOPEDIA2018 What to remember when you are travelling over the border Sort out all your paperwork three months before your trip. Please note: the rules for traveling over the border differ for each country and change without any notice – these are mere guidelines for you to plan your trip. · Passport · Business visa (if needed; different countries have different regulations): - Visa application - ID - Passport - Certificate of service - Company motivational letter - Venue motivational letter · Vehicle paperwork if driving: - Letter from insurance - Letter from company if car is owned by the company - Letter from the bank if car is owned by the bank Paperwork when taking your truck over the border (paperwork needs to be certified) - Cross border permit - Cross border application form - Copies of the trucks license discs - Up to date tax clearance certificate - Copy of manager / director’s ID - Customs trade document - Registration documentation of the truck - Invitation letter from the venue Vehicle requirements Your vehicle has specific requirements too, as well as your health. · · · Make sure to do research on vehicle requirements (such as reflector tape needed) and the health requirements (vaccinations) when planning your trip Book your flights and accommodation well in advance (at least to two three months before) Remember to order foreign exchange Useful websites For more information on permits, visit: Botswana information/botswana.html Zambia information/zambia.html · Documents to go with the truck - Letter from company that owns the truck - Letter from insurance - Registration documentation of the truck - Cross border permit - Invitation letter from the venue - Clearing agent documentation - 2018 invoice templates x 2 (Stickers on all goods to match the invoice templates) · - - - - - - 12 Using a clearing agent – your clearing agent usually needs: Tax import / export code Copy of invoices Trip details Venue letter Registration documentation of the truck Driver’s license and passport of person driving the truck