Mountain Bike Magazine SANI - Autumn 2018 - Page 81

richie schley 5 MINUTES WIT H Age: 40-something Hometown: Laguna Beach, California Favourite trail snack: XS Energy Bar Hours spent biking a year: 360 Other hobbies: Skiing, SUP, surfi ng What made you want to go pro? I love riding bikes, and the opportunity to make a living at it was a dream come true. I love the outdoors and the fact that a mountain bike can take you many places in a much faster time than walking, is amazing. First ever MTB trip: Around the hills of my hometown of Kamloops, and I came from Whistler. It was a fi lm shoot and became the beginning of Freeride Mountain Biking – I have fond memories. My fi rst road trip as a pro was in the Western US to California, Utah and Colorado, with Derek Westerlund from Freeride Entertainment. The adventure aspect of the sport has stuck with me ever since. Bike used for the Graubunden trip: Rotwild E1, it is a 160mm travel bike, and usually that type of bike is good for everything – gnarly stuff , easy pedalling and whatever is put in front of you. How was it riding with Steffi and working with Ale? Awesome, she is so nice and a lot of fun. It is pretty clear that Steffi is was a world cup racer, as she isn’t afraid, has great style and has fun on her bike. Ale is the best. We are close friends, so there is some giving each other shit from time to time, but I think there is a lot of mutual respect and we always get the job done. The atmosphere was very relaxed and fun. No stress at all, which is rare. Fun fact: “I like to ride, but I love to party” – Jose Hermida FB: schley.58 IG: @richieschley Steff i Marth 5 MINUTES W ITH Age: 32 Hometown: Dresden, Germany Favourite trail snack: Nuts and dried fruit Hours spent biking a week: It’s my full-time job so besides other training and offi ce work, maybe 15 hours Other hobbies: Running, body weight training, yoga, handcrafting and crosswords What made you want to go pro? It just happened, I never really thought about it too much. I always liked competition and racing, so after fi nishing my M.Sc. degree in Architecture I fi gured that my only real passion is mountain biking and I had already earned money with it before so it was a natural transition to offi cially becoming a pro. I love nature, the freedom you feel on a bike, the exercise and, of course, the travelling and meeting all these amazing people along the way. Bike used for the Graubunden trip: Trek Slash 9.9 with 160mm travel. It’s a bit harder to climb because I have pretty beefy tyres and a soft set-up, but we did descend a lot and my priority is having more fun on the downhill than being fast uphill. First ever MTB trip: World Champs in Fort William. Everything was new and exciting and I remember when we fi rst drove into the amazing, unique mountains, the roads were so narrow and windy I felt like I was in a movie. The racing was exciting and very diff erent to the BMX races I was used to. Looking back now I never enjoyed my mountain biking enough when I Y X\\’H\YY\[\]][ۋۈYH]\\H\ݙ\YHX]]HوHY[›[ܙH[]8&\[ۙHو^B]\]HX\YHZ\˂[X]\HYH[\Y\[X]ۙH܈›Z[]\8$HY\x&[H[X\H\BXX˘KYH X\QΈYHX\X]\\[U