Mountain Bike Magazine SANI - Autumn 2018 - Page 44

TRAVEL y head pounds as the taxi driver merges into the traffic while honking like a madman. The two bike bags in the back push against me from behind. It’s a miracle that they even made it into the yellow Saipa (an Iranian car). We can’t believe Tehran’s rush-hour traffic with its 11 million inhabitants. Driving is a close call here. There are three lanes, but five seem to be in use. We arrive at the hotel and meet Michel, our Swiss guide. He has planned our trip and created a very precise Swiss schedule for us. Andrew, Martin and I feel good about it. Michel’s plan: a few days in Tehran, then off to the mountains around Iran’s capital city, a detour into a skiing area, then up north to the Caspian Sea and finally into the desert. Sounds good! Feeling relaxed, we finish the last sip of our tea with sugar while sitting cross-legged, as Michel reveals that he has to leave the next day. Hassan, a local guide, will be taking over from him. Alright! Different folks, different strokes – we can’t wait. It’s Friday. That’s when it’s Sunday in Iran. Everyone has the day off. And it seems as if 44 | MTB | bucket list busting everyone is into cycling here. Well, at least all of those who own a bicycle. And I feel as if all of these mountain bikers can’t take their eyes off me and my tubeless tyres when they refuse to get back into their rims after our flight. I can’t really come up with anything when someone approaches me and asks: “Hello, how do you like Iran?” I feel the sweat G&rFvגf&VV@2V"FFRFw2ƖRFBFVW"wVFR766w2W&VBsF7G&r6fW27'G&7WB^( 2&D"F66FVB'FR&7VRFV0W2&FW""VvƗ6FB^( 26V62RVG2fW"F26@&WGW&2vF%b6&W76"ג6fW"VvRv^( &R7W'&VFVB'&V@CVBvVW2FW&R&RfVP76Ɨ7G2FFRvVW&R&FRvV&pr6FW22FR7FFR&WV&W2FVF6fW"FV"VG2BvV"rG&W76W2vRvRF6RFR7VW"FVW&GW&W0&R6'G2Vf'GVFVǒ76( 26&W76 6( BVVFW"g&VR&FW"F07GFVBFR&&VBffW'2RGv4"6'G&FvW2VFFVǒFRGvV'Vǒ'V&&W"vVV2V&6FFP&2v^( &RfǒvBFvvRPW"vF&VvFV&( 26G&BFP6G( 26WFW&W&W'f'7B7BFVw&fVBFVfǒWFP6vRG&76r'FR&vR֖ƗF'