Mountain Bike Magazine SANI - Autumn 2018 - Page 27

PEOPLE | RIDERS WE LIKE Tell us about growing up in NZ. Has riding bikes always been part of your life? My passion for two wheels and speed has been something I was born with. I鈥檝e always been outside and enjoying it. It started with Motocross when I was young, then it shifted to BMX that eventually had to be stopped from the amount of crashes! I was given a road bike and that鈥檚 where the racing began. I always had the MTB, and raced the national circuit along with that. I dreamt of being the best in the world at something, and in 2012 I watched the MTB race at the London Olympics on TV and I was hooked. Since then I鈥檝e been obsessed with the sport. Do you have brothers and sisters? What does your family think of your success to date, and have they been a great support for you? Yes, I have two bro F哤'2鍮񘩳FW"桸( 2浦7B茤禦茥fRGv穰茥fW2F哤F鲱( 桞6VRF哛&6栨p鍮嗺rF問鎤2v&巢鲦菕諴6V&栨r鰂bWfW'FF皈G&栤鲦RFv鱒艬器fRF哖嗹芌f謻菕F&RB&杛&6P鍮6VRvBvWBF6VR栢哛7'B'WBF哤&R7WW 7W'F梖R鍮v鱒艬茤禤F問娌FBF哤&R惂v桭嗺r( 梖R6嗺6VF茥fP哛茤fRF蜞BF桏R茤禦FF栢鱓"F鱲鏔栔R2F哤&R7V66鲋V鲦R栤桏W"茤fR捆鍮vB鱂哤"嗹&&朩2F皈桏RfS器fRF&R鱓G6朏R捆'WBF哛骥fV荊鯾FB&Vv栫2F皈vV"F問v哣6鲧7F鏔菒&栨栨r6鲋RF2笑朩7B&V問鎟鍮6F6問鎝鲡坡F哛F杅fW&V鏐7'F栨pfV鏕2v鰱鎟鲡鯾6鱓'6R捆&V栨r76茥7B6鲋W2v桭&V栨r6鰂fVR器fW"6朾vW@&V哣BFv桭v鲻BfWp6l:6W76桍2F哣哣F朆桏Rf'7B6鲋P4鍮vBvW&R桏W 嗺Vv嘒2鲡鱓"G&柷2鍬哛6鱒鏕'栤vV鎃&灭哤&RF朆桏RV姒鲯&朏栨p哛主7CfV坡栤器fRv桭7FV破V&66v哣f'7@6諶F&VR朧'2v蜮F哖F主7哤&R鍮f&RF哛F鱲唳鍮&Vv桍2鎟鍮桸( 0莢2芕7W&RF6鲋R&6侧&V魄V姒鲯娑W'6嗹V鍬&&鱓r( 梖R7V鏐器B鯾F栔P&栨栨r&鱒鍮F哛6R鍬Χ梫嘨2誅"#p