Mountain Bike Magazine SANI - Autumn 2018 - Page 16

x E D ’ S L E T T E R New bearings, a small price to pay for one of the most memorable days on a bike. #mudfest CAPITAL OF PLANET MTB 16 | MTB | planet MTB As I curse Mr Min’s back tyre for costing the handsome, ageless Saffa another win I’m chuffed to read on Twitter that Alan Hatherly has just won the African Championships gold in Egypt, following his Commonwealth Bronze. Two years ago Alan was understudy to early retiree James Reid, who himself had stepped into the enormous shoes left by Burry, the “African mountain bike kid” who first waved our flag to the world. A Facebook post pops up of young talent Luke Moir’s dad posting pics of a win in Europe, and I’m proofing Jason’s inspiring interview with Phillimon on p106. Wow, we have a load of talent in this country, and it’s not just the okes taming the beast rides. Jeannie “the Bom” Dreyer backyard. Sam’s surprise undoing of a predicted Nino waltz (read all about this meteoric rising star on p26) went viral worldwide. And that happened after a flippin’ exciting ladies race that saw a bunch sprint for 3, 4 and 5 behind superstars Pauline Ferrand Prevot and adopted Saffa, Annika Langvad, who then went on to double up at Epic. Sheez, even cyclocross World Champ rock star Mathieu Van Der Poel was here racing the World Cup XCO series for the first time. All this in our little country that wasn’t on the MTB map 10 years ago. Viva! My irritation at Greg’s blow out had me wondering which tyres the downhillers choose, as I’m fast making sense of the mind-numbing “IT’S SOMETIMES WORTH GOING FULL GAS TO TEST YOUR FITNESS & LIMITS.” smashed her own 36One record by a massive 30 minutes! And read on p114 about how a regular mom made the Munga look like a ride to the shops. The times they are a changing… As I look through the 100s of superb World Cup Stellenbosch XCO and Cape Epic pics, I’m transported back among the mad, flag- waving crowds cheering trailside. What a fortnight that was, watching the best riders in the world do battle right here in our tech talk surrounding the rapidly evolving tread industry. A year ago I opted for “tubeless ready” because they just sounded right, when in fact my 90+ kg clumsy descending skills makes me a prime candidate for burp-resistant, heavier, UST tyres with more protective sidewalls. Who knew? Our tech gurus demistify what was, until recently, a fairly simple subject and explain what tyre suits which riders, terrain and budget best. We had some sweet surprises at just what a difference the right tyre can make to your riding experience. Find out on p84. My amped partner for the upcoming sani2c then messaged me about accommodation and if we planned to tackle the new Iconic Climb? My mind drifted off to the sweeping dual tracks and the never- ever-gets-old Umko descent, before steak and wine at “jolly-vet”. Whoever doesn’t spend months hanging for the drive to Underberg has never ridden the fairytale 300km trail from the snow-capped Drak mountains to the warm Indian Ocean. Go to p136 for what you can expect this year if you’re entered, and if not, why you need to be ready to enter for 2019 on 18 June. If, like us, the XCO and Marathon races happening around us have got you amped, we think it’s sometimes worth going full gas to test your fitness and limits. Unless you’re a pro, we don’t suggest you do it often, but this year the World XCO and Marathon Champs happen just a wee аѽe)ѡɽ܁ɽѡȰ)ɽA̰)ѡɕЁхɅ́)ѡ̰ѡMݥ́(܁ՅȤ)́ѱݕ)Mݗeɔ٥ѡ͔)ԁݥѠѕЁɅ)͹ѕ́)ɱ䁡́ȴ)Ѡݥ܁Ѽѡ)݅эѡեQX(ؤͽ)ɡ́ՅѼɅ)͕LȁЁٕ)Ѽݥѹ́ѡ͔饹)х̸]ɬѡ͔)ɽ́䁭́ɑ)ݥѠāѽ]э)%ф)Qݥѕȁȁх́)́ѽ)]ѡȁ׊eɔ)ݡͥ饹ȁ݅Ѽ)ȁȁݕЁݕ)ȁ݅Ѽյ̰)͡ɔѡɅ́ݥѠ)͵ݥѡЁѡɔ)ݥ݅́ɔ)ɥȁ׊e)݅́Ёɽ)՝Ѽɥ)ȁЁи)Aհ)]݅ɐѼȁ̰)ѽɥ̸́)ձɥ)ձ)5չх M)չх̈́)L$M%P!Iд)ɥѡՍݥѠ)ѥɕ́)ȁ݅ѥȁɕ)5ȁѼ͡ɕ́݅)ѱͱ䁑ݸѡ)ѕɥ她 ɽѥɽ)ɥȰ'eݥ)ݥѠɥȁḾѡ)хݡЁ́ձ)չх)ˊéݽɱ!ɗéݡ)'eɽչ)ɽ́ѡ)յՔ她Ѽ)Ё́ȁɽ̰)́ɔѡ́)ݡЁԁٔ'eɥѥ)Ѽɕ́)ɥ́)%Ʌ9܁i)]չɥ́ѡ)ٔɅ危)݅ѥѼ)ɕ䁉Q9h)ٕɹЁٔѡ)Ёѡɕ啅̰ѕɅ)Ё́)եɭ)Ʌ́ɽѡѠѼ)ͽѠͱ̸Ii)ˊéչЁ)̀ȵݥɕ)ͽͥѼЁ)ѼѡѠ́)ȸ)]eٔɕѱ)ɕٕ٥ѕ́Ѽɥ)YѹU)́ͥɕ)ɽ́)齹́Ѐ啅́) 危ѽɥʹ)ͥٔݥɹ)́ѡЁݕɔ)ͥ)Ѽɕɕ̰)݅䁙ɽѥ́)ѕ̰݅)ѽɥЁɅ́ՕՕ)ݥѠݭ͕́)͹̸ȁѡ͔)ݡ͕ѡѠ)ɅٕЁեєѕɅ)́ݡ܁ݽɱ