Mountain Bike Magazine SANI - Autumn 2018 - Page 156

NUMBER BOARDS Each rider will fi nd their number board in their black box. Your timing chip will be in your number board. Do not cut or punch additional holes into your number board as you may damage the electronic fi laments needed to time you. Please verify that your timing chip is functional and has your correct details by getting a scanned check at registration. When you cross the fi nish line please confi rm with the time keepers that they have picked up your number. Day 1 batch stickers will be on your number boards. Day 2 and Day 3 will have no batch stickers. The timing system will 156 | MTB | sani2c confi rm your start time. You will be required to hand in your number board at the fi nish in Scottburgh. You will receive your time and batch number via SMS and it can be found on the results boards in the race villages. CYCLING SOUTH AFRICA MEMBERSHIP KAP sani2c is a CSA-sanctioned event, however, due to their current situation with CSA we would rather work through our local body, KZN Cycling. KZN Cycling is well managed and an organisation that is functioning effi ciently. We will continue supporting our cycling body but will do so through our province until such time that CSA sorts out it aff airs. GPS NAVIGATION sani2c uses full GPS navigation, however important turns are still marked, ensuring everyone gets to the fi nish safely. We have joined forces with EasyBike who are our GPS information and support gurus. They will be available to answer any GPS questions in the run-up to the event, at registration and at the race villages along the route. WATER TABLES AND FEED STATIONS The rule of thumb is that there is one watering station per 35km (roughly). Day 1 has two watering points. Day 2 has three and Day 3 has two. Their locations will be discussed at the race briefi ng and are indicated on the maps displayed at each overnight stop. Each watering point will serve chilled water and Coke. Each table will also have a selection of eats available. Each morning at breakfast, you can make sandwiches to carry with you if you feel you require more nutrition for the ride. We recommend that you carry your own favourite brand of energy bars, nuts, fruit cake, gels etc. AT THE END OF THE DAY Your bike will be taken away from you for washing by the Talismanne as you cross the fi nish line. Remember to stop and remove your GPS device. aQuellé will be on the fi nish line of each stage handing out water so you can rehydrate. Clover Vanilla and Chocolate Milk will also be available in the recovery area, and the USN team will be off ering shakes and recovery drinks. They will also off er advice to anyone who experienced hydration, sugar and other issues along the route. Once hydrated and recovered, you will be required to collect your Black Box from the Super Group truck. Trolleys will be available to help you push your box to your tent. Please do this yourself and refrain from using the race village staff . The race village helpers have other tasks to perform and the off er of tips is not encouraged. Delete the fi rst numeral from your race board and this is your tent number. Once you have found your tent, leave your trolley in the passage and a porter will return it. Please shower before going to lunch in The Barn. For hygienic, and other obvious reasons, we request that all riders shower before visiting any dining area. The Barn at Mackenzie and Jolivet is open 24 hours and will serve lunch, tea, coff ee, chocolates, banana bread and supper for the duration of the event for all competitors between the start and fi nish lines. Tea and instant coff ee will be provided but all other beverages (alcoholic and soft) will need to be purchased from the bars provided by the local communities. Supporters and race crew need to stock up with all their meals, drinks etc, before the start as these will not be available in the race villages. We are in the country so shops are extremely scarce. CUT-OFF POLICY We will have a cut-off at the last water point of each day and one at the fi nish at 5pm. These cut- off s are very achievable and will be announced at race briefi ng each evening. Why a cut-off policy? We have an incredible backup support crew who look after you in daylight hours. You need to be in before dark or this impacts on them and results in us spending too much time looking after the unfi t and underprepared versus the majority of our riders. sani2c is an event that is about achieving something. It is not a bike tour. Only riders who fi nish all three stages will get the Finisher’s T-shirt in Scottburgh. PRIZEGIVINGS We will stage a prizegiving at the race village each day. Stage winners and overall category leaders should be present at the daily awards ceremony. The fi nal prize giving will be held at Scottburgh beach at 1pm. Day 1: Mackenzie, 6pm Day2: Jolivet, 7pm Day 3: Scottburgh, 1pm NOTE: Only the Race event gets awarded for overall category. The Trail and Adventure riders will receive fun prizes. last day will not be eligible for a podium posit DS&FFVV&W'0VVBF6V6FvWFW"vFFR&F6VB'62F2W7BVBV7@#֖WFW2&"FFV GfW'F6VB7F'BFR琧FVVrFV&ƖW &F6v&RvfVF&VRֆW VG66rG2FR7F'BƖRv&V6&BW ff67F'BFRB6WF67&W6W2ॖRv&V6VfR406f&֖rW"&F67F'@FW2f"F&VRF2FRF&Vf&RFB7V6f2FFPW22RFV7W&RF@R7F'BFR6'&V7B&F66VVFrbFV2BFV &VWfB&F67F'BFPv&R6VBf42F0&Vf&R&Vv7G&F&F6Ɨ7G0vF7F'BFW2v6&PF7VBB&Vv7G&F@&Vf&RFR7F'BFvWFW"&FFVV&W'0&R&WV&VBFVFW"FV"&F6VG2gFW"&W'FrFFV &F6'6F2W7B&R@V7B#֖WFW2&"FFV 7F'BFRFVVrFV&ƖW"&F6v&RvfVF&VRֆW"VG66pG2FR7F'BƖRv&V6&BW"ff67F'BFR