Mountain Bike Magazine SANI - Autumn 2018 - Page 153

the Day 3 route had to be signifi cantly changed, with approximately 20km added to the overall distance. No longer was the fi nal day a dash to the coast! All in all these proved good additions that were well received by the riders and have now become a recognised feature of the ride. sporting events and planning around farming operations, the dates for sani2c were moved to May, a drier and cooler time of year in southern KZN, and better suited to mountain biking. And, bang on, 2011 saw three days of perfect riding conditions. 2012 After the great success of the 2011 event, the demand for entries was at an all-time high. This, together with the many requests from organisations wanting to get involved, prompted the sani2c team to look at adding a third event. After much deliberation, the Trail was added for 2012. May of that year saw 1 400 inaugural Trail riders heading off to the coast. What a boost it was for our many old and new benefi ciaries whose hard work was made that much more worthwhile because of the third event. This was Nedbank’s fi rst year as title sponsor, but in reality, the bank had been with sani2c since 2009. Initially, Nedbank was represented by riders enthused by the event, the communities it serves and their fellow competitors. Having experienced what was on off er fi rst-hand, the group came on board under the old BoE banner. 2013 was the year of the bridges at Nedbank sani2c and saw the introduction of the new 600m fl oating bridge. This beach fi nish proved to be a great climax to the event. Due to low-cost housing developments north of Umzinto, 2014 In 2014, it was the 10th birthday of Nedbank sani2c. A big fuss was made over the nearly 20 “Black Mambas” who had done all 10 events since inception. The weather gods and everything else shone for the 10th anniversary event. “The Barn” concept was introduced at the race villages and it was universally accepted that sani2c’s 10th year was one of the best yet. During the latter part of 2014, Glencairn Farm was purchased with the view to setting up a new race registration venue. After 10 years, in 2015, the race fi nally started from where it was originally planned to begin – Sani Pass. Jolivet farm, the venue for the Stage 2 overnight stop, was purchased in 2014 and the demolishing and building of permanent structures began in late 2014 and early 2015. After years of squeezing into small marquees and dining in adjoining farm sheds, Farmer Glen demolished all the old buildings and erected a new kitchen and dining area. The Barn concept also gained great momentum. sani2c is serious about creating opportunities and jobs for people along the route, and investments into permanent race villages are a priority in achieving this goal. 2015 This year, the organisers focused on delivering a new and improved event, having made the groundbreaking decision to upgrade and build towards permanent race villages in 2014. These new developments provided all riders with a new experience, as well as simplifi ed things for the communities and race crew. 2016 After the surprise loss of its title sponsor in late 2015, sani2c decided to change its strategy on sponsorship. Instead of attempting to attract a partner through the traditional sponsorship routes, the sani2c event team decided to attract potential partners with its well proven social upliftment model. The organising team innovatively restructured sani2c to attract a partner through CSI and BBBEE opportunities – and the result was that KAP Industrial Holdings Limited, a JSE listed company, announced a BBBEE partnership with sani2c in January 2016. KAP’s decision to partner with sani2c was made due to the event’s strong social upliftment element which aligned well with the KAP culture. It’s an exciting partnership where all parties stand to benefi t, none more so than the communities who have worked so hard to position the event where it stands today. Building at both Glencairn Farm and Jolivet also continued and a permanent building team was employed year round. 2016 also saw many improvements along the route, especially on Days 1 and 2, where trail builders eliminated tricky sections and instead added signature sani2c fl owing trails. 2017 This will be remembered as one of the worst in terms of weather. The Trail riders were the lucky few who got to the beach in sunshine, the Adventure riders just snuck down the Umko Valley, while the Race was &W&WFVB&VBFRVֶBB6BB֗6W&&PGvF2vWfW"F2FB@FVFR7&G2BBv0FW"6&2f"FR7F'&2vFFR&6RfvW0BFVFr2V66WBWFR&RFRv27VBGvVrW"W7Fr&WFW2W"G&FV&( f7BfvpG&>( v2&FVB'vPvVFW6vVB7vF6&62&W&2BFR6'&V7F@6W6b6&W&VB6V7F0v2FFVBFFRG&2FRGVr&6fFr'&FvRvFG0&W6FVB( ĆV'( 2vV2FPrfW2( Ė626Ɩ.( vv2&R&VV&W&VB6&2D"S0