Mountain Bike Magazine SANI - Autumn 2018 - Page 152

14 YEARS OF MAKING HISTORY K   AP sani2c began as the dream of Farmer Glen, an avid mountain bike enthusiast and co-organiser of the Imana Wild Ride. In 1998, together with a few local nutty mountain bikers, he completed the fi rst trial run. The following year, he scouted and refi ned the rugged path with the objective of establishing a world-class route. He invited friends and experienced mountain bikers to join in on the infamous dry runs. Glen’s wife, Mandy, has been there from the beginning, as back up to Glen and his scouts. Mandy would drop them off in the middle of somewhere and then pick them up later in the middle of nowhere. This support has been a feature of the success of sani2c. In fact, if it was not for Mandy, Glen would still be out there somewhere, lost. 152 | MTB | sani2c The entire route was scouted and developed on mountain bikes, providing its pioneers with fi rst-hand experience of every road, path and rock, climb and descent. Still today, countless hours are spent debating potential routes, usually while perched on a mountain top or pedalling through rows of tall cane. Essentially, sani2c dominates the conversation whenever Glen and the scouts are together; such is their passion for this event. In 2004, Glen was confi dent that a worthy route had been established and agreed to by all the relevant landowners and authorities. 2005 February 2005 saw the inaugural sani2c, which was highly successful, despite the heavy rain and muddy conditions of Day 2. Public response to this new “lifestyle event” was overwhelming and the race grew to massive proportions. Reaction to its success, and an overwhelming demand for entries for the 2006 event, had the alarmed organisers in a state of near panic. They were faced with the dilemma of disappointing more than 700 mountain bikers if they were to remain on the original 300 team limit for the race in 2006. After careful deliberation, the decision was taken to increase race numbers to accommodate 500 teams in 2006. 2006 The 2006 event saw Subaru coming on board as the title sponsor. With their assistance, the event was elevated to the next level and was a resounding success despite the increased numbers and torrid conditions experienced on Day 1. 2007 The 2007 Subaru sani2c was restricted to just over 600 teams. For the fi rst time since its inception, the weather gods smiled on the event and all three days saw near perfect conditions. Later that year, Subaru sani2c was awarded the status of Best Cycle Race of the Year at the Annual South African Cycling Awards evening. But sani2c has always known that it is only as good as its next event. 2008 Demand for entries and pressure from communities wanting to participate in the event saw some radical changes for the #WfVBFPFV66F6vRFRf&@bFRWfVBF&R'V2Gv6W&FR&6W27ƗBFFP6&2GfVGW&RB6&0&6Rv2v&Bf'7BF0vVBgW'FW"'GVFW2f 6VGffVV@B66FFVBFV0FR#rvFrƗ7B@6v'&FVB&fpf6ƗFW2BFRfW&vB&6PfvW2FRGv#WfVG0vW&RVvR7V66W72FRWrf&B&fVBF&P76fRBBFRFV@f"6RFRGfVGW&P2&V6R7B6VvBgFW"ख#6&2v26Rvv&FVBFR7FGW2b&W7@76R&6RbFRV"#vVVG&W2VV@f"FR#WfVB2R`FR&WfW2V.( 2FV0&RVFW&VBvWfW"GVRFFfbW&VB'FW'2&FrvF&WfW2VG&G2FRWfV@7FVVB76fRƗ7B`Wv6W'2FFRFP7&V6VBV&W'2FP&WFRW'2FWfVVBV&W"bfFfRWpFV2( 2BWfW'V"FW7F6RWvFWr@W6FrfF2#7V&'R6&2#6pWfV&vW"FVB@FR6R&fVB&&VF22&W7VBFR#&6RfV@v27WBFvFcSFV0W"WfVBFRvVFW"GW&pFR#WfVB6&fVB6VvRBVf'GVFVǒFPv&W2Vֶ26V7Fv0B&FFVWfW'FVW726&0#v2FW"w&VBWfVB#F2V"6r6R&p6vW2G&FFǒFP&FRBv2&VVVB&6FVvgFVG'F6WFW&&66WW&V6RFR7VW &2( 2BFW6RBF7'WFV@2WfW'6V6BV"66PFR6WFb6&2gFW F2bVvFFr@VvvƖrbFFW2vFFW