Mountain Bike Magazine SANI - Autumn 2018 - Page 150

BENEFICIARIES & COMMUNITIES The race passes through many rural areas on its route between the Sani Pass and the Indian Ocean. Various worthy benefi ciaries that reside and/ or operate along the route were nominated as such by sponsors, communities, entrants and the organisers. They were consequently off ered the opportunity to add value to the race by helping with the many logistical operations incurred by an event of this magnitude. Activities in this regard include course preparation, bike washing, seconding/feed tables, erecting of overnight race villages, catering and loads more. 150 | MTB | sani2c The sani2c policy on community aid is not to issue donations as such, but rather to off er various worthy institutions the opportunity to add value to the event and raise funds for themselves at the same time. sani2c covers any costs that are incurred by these activities and also pays the benefi ciaries a pre-negotiated fee for their involvement and services. We fi nd that this policy works extremely well. Projects are self-driven and benefi ciaries are highly motivated and passionate about the event. Over 14 years the following has been distributed to the various benefi ciaries of sani2c: 2005 - In excess of R325 000 2006 - More than R1.25 million 2007 - R1.6 million 2008 - With the two events, in excess of R3.15 million 2009 - R4.2 million 2010 - R4.6 million 2011 - R4.8 million 2012 - R6.2 million with addition of the Trail 2013 - R6.6 million 2014 - R6.8 million 2015 - R8.3 million 2016 - R9.4 million #r#b֖ƖgW'FW"FF2W7FFV@#B֖Ɩ27VB'VG&G0W&Vǒ66FFࢇ&RB7BFRWfVG2FRVFW&&W&rB66GF'W&v&V2RvVRFFW&6W7FFW2FB6&0vVW&FW2fW"#C֖Ɩf"FR&VvBgW'FW #֖Ɩ2vVW&FV@f"FR6VG''FW&F6WFF'2खFFFFR'VFpbW&VB&6RfvW027&VFVB"'GVFW0f"FRVv&W&r'W&VR&VvW&PVVB2FW7W&FVǐVVFVB&V7G2BvV6&6V禖RBƗfWBfP6f"7&VFVB66RF#cF2琦66W262fR&VVW6VBBVV@2'VFW'2FW'26'VFW'0BV&W'2