Mountain Bike Magazine SANI - Autumn 2018 - Page 149

This is the KAPsani2c OUR MISSION Driven by the commitment to produce an extraordinary event, our purpose is twofold: • • To responsibly organise a multi-day, paired mountain bike event that attracts the interest of both local and international competitors. We aim to bring the challenge of this multi-disciplined event within reasonable reach of all levels of athletes. Through associated sponsorship and media interest we aim to promote tourism and conservation of this area for the benefit of its people. By co-involvement of the local communities, we strive toward improved awareness of the natural assets of the area and a resultant interest in its preservation. Some of the other important objectives of the event are to raise funds for community education and create an awareness of the tourism potential of this magnificent region, thereby creating job opportunities and educating the residents about the importance of retaining the natural beauty of the area, as well as the various conservation issues around this. INTERESTING FACTS ABOUT THE ANNUAL EVENT 3 doctors are on call, 4 4WD ALS (advanced life support) response vehicles, 2 ILS (intermediate life support) response vehicles A total of and seven ambulances on standby. During this event approximately are handed out. 3 375 pain killers An event with a social conscience means: 2 850 people are employed during the race. 12 communities and 23 schools, charities and environmental groups benefit from the event. Each year, 6 000 man-days are spent preparing the route ... that is 16.43 years! During the event, a total of: 2 300 tents are erected, (it takes 3 days per village to erect the tents with a team of 60 people). 138 showers and 266 toilets are erected. 5 200 mattresses are used. 22 500 litres of water is heated for showers. 9 600 donuts and 500 kg of bananas are consumed. 19 800 litres of cooldrink are consumed. 28 000 cups are used. 27 000 bottles of water are consumed. 23 x 8 A total of tonne trucks are used to move the three events to the sea. On the Thursday of the event there is a rider every 58 metres on the 263 km route. 130 million. The oldest rider is 75 , the youngest is 17 years old. Of the 4 500 participants, 14% are women and 86% are men. The estimated value of the bikes is over R