Mountain Bike Magazine SANI - Autumn 2018 - Page 148

During the event, 9 600 of donuts and 500 kg of bananas are consumed! Water Point 1 at 22 km Cane Maize Water Point 2 at 58 km A total of 23 x eight ton trucks are used to move the three events to the sea Ricky’s Rail Dave’s Toll Ascent: 681 m Descent: 1 315 m 22 km Water Point 1 58 km Water Point 2 10 19 28 38 through Kevard and Invernettie Farms and enter Vernon Crookes Nature Reserve via the back KAPsani2c Maps The 2017.indd gate. steep, 3 technical climb known as Work to be Done is always a challenge and special test where those veteran sani2c riders will tell you how much harder it was in the old days! Look out for the wildlife and appreciate the cheeky zebra that often escort cyclists through their plains. The ter- rain changes as you follow the tracks through the reserve, and climaxes with some spectacular single track through the Mtagati coastal bush. After leaving Vernon Crookes prepare for the fast, sweeping descent into the valley and onto Esparanza Farm. Stay with the group and conserve here as you race along the valley fl oor and into the Lions Club table at the 58km mark. Leaving the table, you’ll be mistaken to think that the fi nish is close as there is still plenty of work to be done and it’s not wise to go too hard too 148 | MTB | sani2c End of Day 3 48 59 68 79 soon. A specially constructed underpass at Esparanza takes you on to a spectacular section named Ricky’s Rail. This old railway &WFRvG2FvFP&2bFRV6&fW"@FFf^( 2FFBvFPRWBbFRfWR&PVBFBvfG&6r6V&VBBB2W&RF@RWW&V6R7BBfVBFW"ƗGFRvVb6&06vGW&RfwG&FVFW&^( 2vVFRw&fV&@6Ɩ"WGVvW&RP&RvVGf6VBFVB@G&&Vf&RRVBFFP7V7F7V"VF&R&bVƖvG&2G&^( 0VFW'72VG2R&6VFW"FR#c"BF𤆖vvw&VBFFfRF@Bǒ6W'fW2f"FR&6R'W@fbW'2V"&VBfb&@6fR76vRf"VF&W'0ƖFrFR66GF'W&v&VvF6f"FR6'Vg@FW"FrRF&V6rG&2&Vf&RW&Fr&FRFvFFFbF&VRF7F'2&R6fW"EtB0Gf6VBƖfR7W'B&W76RfV6W2Gv0FW&VFFRƖfR7W'B&W76RfV6W2@6WfV'V6W27FF'GW&rF2WfV@23sRW'2&RFVBWBB#r##FR6V'&VWR7&BvvWBRFFRRf'7@BVG2RFFRfW0r6w&RfFr'&FvPFB6W27&72FRvB66GF'W&v&V6VfpFR'&FvRN( 26'B6Ɩ"WF&V6&BBFVV7&FRG&F&VvFFRWrf6fVVR@66GF'W&v&'66frg&FR&V6FFPV"66f"W"Wrf6fVVRvG&F6ǐ7G&VƖRFRVF&Rf6&6W72W2N( 2w&VBf"FP66Bv^( &Rrf'v&@FrBW"Rf"V'0F6RfVVW7Ff&ǒ&V@FB^( fR6WfVBfVBF@vVBWfW"66FW"&Rw&FVgVFB^( &R7G&pBVF2R6VV'&FPFR7V66W76gV6WFbƖfRWW&V6RvVFR@FRf"7W'FrF6PrFR3&WFRFFP67BR&RVvVBࣃ2Х&'66FRP6ƖN( 26Ɩ F066GF'W&v6w&RfFr'&FvPvFW( 2vƗfW@7F'B`F0v&F&RFP