Mountain Bike Magazine SANI - Autumn 2018 - Page 146

the guys ahead of you, if you’ve realised they’re holding you up, on the single track on the climb before Murray’s Meander. This is a long hand-dug trail which has to be some of the most dramatically positioned single track imaginable – at fi rst glance, it would seem that a route above the towering cliff s that drop down to the Umkomaas could not be possible. Please be aware of faster riders coming up from behind you and move over at all the Overtaking Zones found along the Umko Drop section. After some breathtaking riding past Shange’s Homestead and the Umko Lodge, the path leads you into Nick’s Pass. Dropping into this valley, these fast switchback descents will have your brake pads sending hot whiff s of warning to those behind. Here you will fi nd the pride of the route builders – a 3km purpose-built bench-cut You’ll be woken at 4.30am for Day 2. This is a long and arduous day by anyone’s standards. You’ll start by hurtling down 7km of district road before the Sappi forest workers usher you into the start of Ant’s dual track. Thereafter, it is a fast drop down the newly revamped Funny Music. There is often a little slide on the fast but dewy hard pack down Butterfl y valley before Wow exposes the jewel of sani2c – the mighty Umkomaas Valley. Singing foresters will welcome you to Soda Falls. These tracks will off er some of the most spectacular views, should the early valley mist aff ord the opportunity. The fast trails are broken by short sections of forest roads, which allow for scuttled overtaking opportunities. Yankee Doodle is one of the highlights of the race and the fi rst taste of things to come for the next 30km. Make an eff ort to kindly sneak past Mackenzi Club start of Day 2 mountain bike pass known as Sosiba’s Section. Thereafter, you pass the cheering children of our adopted Msayana School. The School contour path is more typical sani2c signature fl owing trail. You now fi nd yourselves in the heart of sani2c country. Fast-fl owing sweeping curves allow you a quick glance at the Umkomaas River, which grows ever closer as you continue your descent. A sharp right bend takes you into Mchunu’s Pride, a smooth, fast, bush-lined footpath leading you past the remote homesteads of Mchunu’s two wives, many children and grandchildren. Leaving the dancing Mchunu’s behind, you enter the real African bush Yankee Doodle Wow Singletrack Murray’s Meander Soshiba’s School Singletrack Ants Mchunu’s Pride Tamika’s Detour Tile Africa Bridge Water Point 1 Chep Bridge at 39 km 2 300 tents, 138 showers and 266 toilets are erected. 5 200 mattresses are used and 22 500 liters of hot water heated for showers. Day 2 12 146 | MTB | sani2c Water Point 2 at 66 km 2 850 people are employed during the race. Twelve communities, 23 schools, charities and environmental groups benefit from the event. Ascent: 1 529 m Descent: 1 867 m 96 km 0 Iconic Climb 66 km 39 km Water Point 1 21 36 82 km 44 52 Water Point 3 at 82 km Water Point 3 Water Point 2 67 81 93 Fisherman’s Trail Jolivet End of Day 2 It takes 3 days per village to erect the tents with a team of 60 people.